And so it begins…

13 03 2009

Velcome evry vun...It was a dark and stormy night, and all about the shabby inn the steady drip, drip, dripping of rain leaked into the souls of the patrons, as I sat alone in the corner, no light to be found there – only the one on inside my head…

Well…to be honest…it was not dark and stormy…or night, for that matter. As loathe as your heroine is to admit it, it is early afternoon, with but a few dark clouds smudging the sky. I think the heat has taken its toll on what constitutes as my brain. Then again, I might just have been trying to be dramatic. Darn you, clichéd literary imagination!

There, that’s done with, scratch the theatrics off my first-blog-musts list. I see no need to introduce myself – all will be revealed within due time, if you choose to follow my course, and travel on many a weary, wonderous, and sometimes even bland and mundane, stoic journey in the wonderful web-world of today.

The skinny on my genes is that I am (a) skinny, according to some (don’t you just hate bias?), (b) a middle-child, and (c) avid cat-lover (check out, you’ll love it!) as well as Stephen King ‘worshipper’. I have a tendency to dislike the typical girl in skinny jeans, with her awe-inspiringly quick metabolism…yet, one cannot blame me – blame the media, and university campus, where you find these skinny (-jean/gene) brigades we so love to call “poppies” in Afrikaans.

That aside, I bid you welcome, dear (and, hopefully, in true Stephen king tradition, Constant) Reader. Take a seat, put your feet up, have a cigar, and let it all begin, until it all ends, “Not with a bang, but with a whimper”…




One response

19 03 2009
Adré van Lill

“Misery loves company well, so long you’ll miss me when I’m gone…” Never sing around me or make comments around me when I am commenting on your blog, dear sister of mine… Yes, you are a firestarter… Hehehe… You pyro maniac… Stop it you fool! Hehehe… Nou sing jy van noodles… Genadetjie tog… I feel very velcome in you lair, jew very vicious person… People are not going to understand me… Kry dan vir jou ‘n 22inch screen en dan sal jy ook verstaan. Daar is nogal ‘n verskil tussen 15 en 22 inches, hoor… Hehehe. Ek is glad nie meer by jou blog nie. Ek tik nou net wat ek huidiglik wil uiter. Nou kan ek vir jou sê : HUG ME BROTHER!!! Don’t you mean the chicken or the egg? Watse ge- ‘the music or the misery’ is dit? Genadetjie tog! A Walter fart! Yes, Masha… Sjoe, ek’s nou totaal en al van die punt af… Ek sal maar later my regte kommentaar lewer hierop. Dis lekker om op ‘n laptop te tik… I envy you, oh evil one… ( Daar’s baie liedjies wat irriterend is, Lizzy…) Ek hoop jy volg wat hier aangaan jou stuk EXTRA LEAN bacon… Moenie slaap nie!) Love you, sista!( Ja, ek’s ook oppad… Na insanity… Is jy wakker? Ek’s jou number one fan en hoop jy sal darem vir my ‘n storie skryf… Sjoe! If you kill me off, you will die you mean, vindictive woman… Hehehe) Jy hoef nie met vlamme te werk nie, jy’s hot genoeg… Hehehe…

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