Knowing me, knowing you

16 03 2009

the Goblet full of Fire Two Names You Go By:
 1. Liske (Liz), or Lielie
 2. Donsie

 Two Things You Are Wearing Right Now:
 1. dark blue skinny jeans
 2. black hoodie with Peace sign on back

 Two Things You Would Want (or have) in a Relationship:
 1. Trust … and some compassion
 2. Honesty (& openness)

 Two of Your Favorite Things to do:
 1. Read
 2. Write/ watch movies

 Two Things You Want Very Badly At The Moment:
 1. Coffee
 2. my cat – its raining outside, would be nice to have him on my lap, stroking him while I read. Quality time 😉

 Two things you did last night:
 1. watched THE PRESTIGE (again)
 2. checked that my birthday calendar is up to date

 Two things you ate today:
 1. some jellybeans for the sugar rush
 2. [uhm…]

 Two people you Last Talked To on the phone:
 1. Karien (this morning)
 2. Liebe (on Saturday?)

 Two Things You’re doing tomorrow:
 1. giving a presentation on THE YELLOW WALLPAPER in my Feminism&Colonialism class

 Two longest car rides:
 1. going to Oudtshoorn
 2. going to Knysna

 Two Favorite Holidays
 1. Christmas, probably – nothing like festive cheer… bah humbug
 2. [how many are there to choose from in SA?? a holiday is a holiday; besides, its all so bloody commercial]

 Two Favorite Beverages
 2. WATER (!!!); or orange juice

 Things you may not have known about Me.
 1. I am allergic to dust (so they say)
 2. I love crying in films, and quote quite often from The Angry Beavers show

 Some jobs I have had in my life:
 1. Casual at Mr Video
 2. candyfloss girl 😉

 Two Movies I would watch over and over:
 1. Sleepless in Seattle
 2. Someone Like You

 Two places I have lived:
 1. Bellville
 2. in the res (Harmonie) = Stellenbosch

 Two of my Favorite Foods:
 1. Lasagne
 2. peanutbutter sandwiches *laugh*

♥?fav words: ‘prettig’
♥?fav item of clothing: my two Snoopy t-shirts (and my old faded, torn jeans i can no longer wear)
♥?i like… good company
♥?i love… my cat
♥?i have… good listening skills
♥?i dream… dark, depressing things
♥?i would spend my days… reading
♥?i wish i could be… a writer
♥?i would change my name to… Katherine (Kate for short)
♥?i like the colours… turquoise, white and yellow
♥?i admire… how diversity builds one’s character
♥?i respect… people who work hard, and those who persevere despite hardships
♥?i eat… lasagne
♥?i play … solitaire (or mind games)
♥?i don’t… swim
♥?i am inspired by… the little things
♥?if i owned a shop i would call it… Stardust Inc. [please note: i had this idea BEFORE the movie came out!!!]
♥?screw… hypocrites
♥?peace is… an internal phenomenon
♥?i take photos coz… i want to remember things that mean(t) something to me
♥? express myself through… my writing
♥?i want to… love well, and i do
♥?i miss… all the old kiddies shows
♥?i read… Stephen King
♥?i want… to mean something to others
♥?im going to… keep working hard at the things i love…and those i don’t
♥?i am learning about… self-acceptance
♥?the best smell is… rain




2 responses

19 03 2009
Adré van Lill

I now think that I have a deeper understanding of you my dark, evil, twisted, demented… my dear sister… You truly are my Dark Half… Hehehe… To quote you, Lilly… You are a very intriguing personage and I love you very much. You are a literary genious. I think Stephen King will be proud. Jy’s awesome, Sussa! Keep being you crazy beavery self! Mwaz for always! *Hugz*

19 03 2009
Adré van Lill

Love the brandy… Kwaliteit!

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