Newspapers (and my medication)

7 10 2009

I’m not a big fan of newspapers, really.

I once toyed with the notion of going into journalism after obtaining an undergraduate degree… But once you get to Stellenbosch, and every second or third person tells you that they really want to do journalism, your mind just might change. Besides, I’m not the sort of person who would willingly eat, sleep, and breathe journalism. Working for a magazine would be nice – working for a publishing house even better (as I have aspirations to go into publishing… wish me luck…)

No, it’s the newspaper industry that really gets me. My general knowledge is bad… really bad… I cannot tell you what the name of the last pope was, who won the rugby over the weekend (heck, not even who was playing), and definitely not what’s going on regarding politics. I’m not sure any of us knows! My point being, I have no idea what is going on around me. I have some idea what goes on regarding politics. My dad is a good update for the world of sports… and if I really need to know something about the celebrity world, I’m sure to find something among the scattered magazines in my younger sister’s room. It’s sad, actually, to think that I know more about celebrities than what I can remember from taking history at school… or even campus politics…

I’m not your regular campus goer. I stay in one of the female residence’s here. I attend my classes, I go to the library, and I sit in my room, working, most of the time. I am not a social being. I am probably one of the few students who can say that, during my four years here at university, I have not been out to go party or have a drink or whatever even once. I’ve been to see a few movies on my own, or perhaps one or two in the evenings with my significant other, but that’s about it.

Where was I? It feels like my mind is just going off on its own course. I blame the medication I am on. I went to the doctor because I get excruciating migraines. Turns out that I have neck problems (I could have told him that), and that I need to go for physiotherapy. In the mean time, I have to drink Trepiline, something that will help relax my neck, but – the doctor warned me – it might make me somewhat drowsy at night. Still, he promised that it wouldn’t interfere with my sleeping patterns and all the work I have to do, so I decided to give it a go… Not that I had much of a choice. It was either keep on living with migraines, or try to soften the blow. The latter seemed a more obvious choice.

So… yes, so. I start taking the medication. One tablet just after eight in the evenings. The first five evenings I have to take the tablets, I start off with the milder dosage, containing only 10mg (of what, I’m not sure). By half past ten I’m out, gone, down for the count – sleeping. If I’m lucky, I get up by ten the following morning. Not interfering with the workload I have to tackle at the end of my Honours year? Surely he would jest… If I manage to get up earlier, I end up sleeping for another two to three hours later in the morning/ afternoon, and when I wake up, I am completely disorganized. My head feels worse, if that is possible, and there is no way that I am able to focus on my academics, no matter how hard I try.

(The doctor’s daughter is studying the same course as me – is he trying to set me back…?)

The stronger tablets, which I am supposed to start taking tonight, contain 25mg of whatever. I don’t think I’m going to survive this… so I’m opting out, for now. My mum is going to phone the doctor, and in the meantime, I’m just going to try to stay awake. Good thing I’m back on coffee again.

Oh, yes, I remember where I was heading. Good. Finally some clarity. It was about newspapers. I picked up a copy of our campus newspaper this morning, leafing my way through to the quotations and columns page, when a passage in one column struck me. The writer was talking about the creative individual and the “thin line between uninspired and offensive.” The passage (or sentence, rather) reads as follows:

“Too little edge and you end up with LOLcats: The Movie.”

The person was ripping off LOLcats. This did not sit well with me. Not well at ALL. Looking at what the article was about, and student politics and blahblah, I suppose I understand what he (yes, the individual was in fact of the male species) was getting at. Still, I don’t think that LOLcats is a dumbing down of the human race. LOLspeak is a whole different language, something some people are unable to master. My significant other, who works in IT as a flash developer, usually has to ask me to make out for him exactly what the cats are saying (even though the way he types an sms sometimes is even worse than their ‘simplistic’ language). How difficult can it be to understand? The words are typed out and spelt as one would hear it. Thus, even though it is not grammatically correct, you should be able to fathom what’s going on. Furthermore, LOLcats bring a lot of humour and irony into life – just look at the expressions some of those cats have on their faces… And the people who come up with those captions just seem to know exactly how to capture the essence of the moment. I think they are brilliant – possibly, they deserve rewards.

Okay, so perhaps LOLcats don’t have enough “edge” to make a valid point or political statements, but at least a lot of us can relate to what they are ‘saying’. Besides, what’s wrong with looking at the lighter side of life? Some things in life have too much edge, I would argue, or people try to make too much of certain things. Perhaps I’ll talk more about this later; I’m starting to feel drowsy again…

If there ever is a LOLcats movie, I’ll surely be first in line. For to catch teh cheezburger, you must be da cheezburger, and iz trayin to luhk at teh lite side of laif – if you cannot laff, wot you round here fur?

[Yes, I realize that there was absolutely no point to this blog entry. At least it was fun – I went through my collection of LOLcats pictures… I have almost 4500… Besides, I’ve described my creative side as a cat – need I say more?]





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