In The Maddening Hours

9 10 2009

i find it far easier to throw

cold coffee down the drain

than to crumple up

the (still) blank page on my desk –

at least if it had scribbles

on it, meaningless words,

or my failed attempt at

drawing a cat (can anyone

ever get the leg:head:body

ratio right??), i would

feel more productive

besides, what’s the use of

throwing away a perfectly good

blank page? that

would be like throwing away

the cup with the coffee –

what did the cup ever do to

deserve that?

(not aggravate me like the

blank page, that’s for sure)

but, if i do throw the blank page

away, does that make me a coward?

it’s 2:42 on a Thursday

morning, and i can swear

the waste bin just laughed at me…

black bile remainders




One response

14 10 2009
Liske van Lill

I’ve revised this poem – taken out a few words, and added two lines, so i’ll update it pretty soon. just wish i could figure out how to put in spaces between the lines (the poem actually consists out of three stanzas)… but i’ll get to that 🙂

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