Reflective Remembering

15 10 2009

I couldn’t sleep last night.

Which is saying something, in itself. I used to sleep very little, almost bordering on insomnia, yet lately there has been in influx in my sleep quotient. It has a lot to do with my migraines, and the medication I was on for a while – because of it, all I wanted to do was sleep… But last night, after having finished my short story (thirty-three A-4 pages) for my Creative Writing portfolio, I decided to call it an early night. That was 00:30. By 02:00, I was still awake, listening to an owl hooting outside my bedroom window. I’ve had many, many pigeons around, as there is a large tree directly outside my window, and some squirrels, too. Yet this is the first time that I have had the pleasure of an owl’s company. Just my luck – in two more weeks, I’ll be leaving the residence for good.

When I woke up this morning, it was still early. I debated whether to try sleeping some more, but as I knew that it would be futile anyway, I got up after about five minutes. It was 06:06. By 07:07 I was already out of the dorm and on my way to the printing room (that makes it sound a lot fancier than it really is, but oh well). It’s supposed to be summer over here. Guess nobody told the weatherman. Monday we had icy cold conditions and a cacophony of rain (‘cacophony’, yes, because it sounded so loud, creating an air of disharmony). Tuesday brought unbearably humid weather, which didn’t help my head much. Yesterday it was sunny again – at times very warm, yet in the late afternoon settling into a pleasant chill, which means that I could wear my ‘comfy jersey’ while working. It’s a grey schoolgirl jersey, actually, age 13-14… but whoever designed those things most definitely got the proportions wrong! For although I am somewhat petite, I am still a bit ‘bigger’ (awful word) than a thirteen year old, and the jersey is too large on me! Makes it look like I lost two dress sizes… Anyway, let’s get to today’s weather.

Today is cold. Blissfully, lovingly cold. In the summer. *sigh* I’m not one for warm weather. Give me autumn and winter of a sprightly spring or sanguine summer’s day anytime. Give me rain, coffee, blankets, a KitKat, the heater, and my beautiful black cat – keep your exhaustive heat, sweat-stains, bouts of dizziness and the inability to be just cool enough. I don’t mind. Today: crisp and cool, with the new green leaves blowing briskly down Victoria Street. It’s the times like these that I’ll miss the most. I was walking outside at 07:07, with only two other people in sight, feeling the breeze’s refreshing kiss on my face, as slowly it started to rain ever so slightly.

I know the path to the printing room well. I’ve spent the last four years walking that path, from Harmonie to the Arts building, jogging up the three, five, or six flights of stairs, depending where I want to be, and thinking on quite a few occasions that I am rather unfit. Four years of watches the squirrels come and go, noticing how, strangely, Morning Squirrel trudges about while Afternoon Squirrel bounces jauntily to wherever it needs to be. Perhaps Afternoon squirrel is actually Morning Squirrel after having had a sufficient amount of coffee? In that case, Honours students (among whom I currently count) will never be associated with squirrels: coffee doesn’t have that effect on any of us anymore… Oh yes – four years of academic deadlines, stress, developing great time-management skills, and reading countless amounts of prescribed text books (along with their accompanied readings). Spending time at the Neelsie’s smoking area just to see my one friend; watching the guys from Wilgenhof hanging out of their bedroom windows and parading across the building’s roof in only their underwear, blaring the latest hit song from their sound system; mastering the art of dodging cars, making lecture notes, and finally overcoming my cravings for buying those chocolate squares at the tuck-shop in the Arts building…

There are so many memories, so much more I could share with you. Going out in second year with my then-roommate to buy pizza at Romans while changing the lyrics of Avril Lavigne’s “Girlfriend”, and late-night trips driving around the mountain, gazing out over the sea, with my then-boyfriend (having either coffee or, more often, having hot chocolate from Wild Bean) stand out. Still having the ability to drink four mugs of coffee in a row during exam time in my first year comes up, as well… Plus the beautiful black-birds with the orange tipped wings… Not to mention (and I promise this is the last thing!) the statue of the kêffie kat in front of the town hall 🙂

No matter where I go from here, I’ll always love this place. Always… although I won’t miss the pigeons. Bloody hell, no!

Kêffie Kat <3




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