Why I LOVE Dr Daniel Roux

15 10 2009

Dr Roux

So my supervisor this year for my research project was Dr Daniel Roux… *internal squeal of pleasure*

Now don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I have or ever had a crush on my lecturer and supervisor. But there’s one thing I have to say about him: he’s funny. Probably, sometimes, unintentionally, and even dryly or arbitrarily, yet funny and extremely witty nonetheless… in my opinion, at least.

I don’t know if he’s going to read this blog entry or not; I’d wager a guess that ‘not’ is more likely. Lecturers are busy people, and besides, why would one of them choose to read one of their (almost former) students’ blog? Still, on the off-chance that he is going to read (or possibly at this very moment is reading) it – hullo, Daniel! *blush*

That aside, I just felt that I had to share some of the memorable quotes I have collected from our Modern Theory classes with him. Yes, it’s almost the end of the second semester, and we had Modern Theory with him in the first semester. Time has elapsed, and I have posted this on Facebook at an earlier stage. But I would like to add this to my blog: because everyone needs a laugh 🙂 Not at the expense of Dr Roux, but thanks to him. He has been a great support throughout the year, and has patiently read many of my rambling, paranoid, blahblah et cetera e-mails. In this way, I can pay homage, although I’m not quite sure how he’d take it…

Here are the quotes – enjoy! Please note: everything placed in square brackets [ ] are my personal comments or observations.

Some quotes from the HonsBA(Eng) Modern Theory class:

* Literature, as pure entertainment, can help us to escape… as in, ‘oh fuck, I can’t bear it anymore’…

* I once sat on someone’s antique coffee table thinking it was a chair… and it broke.

* It’s a kind of hubris to say we’re not animals.

* Armadillos always have four identical young of the same sex.

* My parents named me after an alcoholic grandfather whom they didn’t like…

* The idea of the Self can paralyze the body.

* There’s a weird bleeding of reality into the text…The mother of a famous actress [her name escapes me now] was watching a film on television when her water broke, then decided to name her daughter [the actress] after the character.

*There is a world behind the mirror!

*I want my-ghurt… [what he overheard a child saying who wanted yoghurt; but since that “yo” sounds like the Afrikaans word for “you”, and the little boy was Afrikaans speaking, he wanted “MY”-ghurt… ;-p ]

* We lose the jouissance of self-recognition.

* The moment you speak a law you can break it. That’s why such obvious things like “don’t have sex with animals on the school grounds” aren’t in school rules. It just might make you think, hmm, animal husbandry, iiiinteresting… 😉 = The moment you prohibit something, you create the possibility – the rule invites its own transgression.

* We are continuing the myth… [cue dramatic music]

* …fat and happy on the barge of life…

* If the Other has it [jouissance] and you don’t, it’s because they stole it from you! We have to protect ourselves from others – we’re living in a more and more paranoid society.

* It’s our duty to enjoy our drives and superego.

* This wasn’t a useful seminar, let’s just all go home… [puts head on table, and dramatically says] I’m sorry, I’m sorry…!

* Hmm, the sinister eroticization of knowledge…

* I have a penis… whoo… so what.

* Bodies do things – they get sick they get aroused…… what else do bodies do? … they die!

* My mother desperately wanted me to be gay. I had to break the tragic news to her at age 17 that I was not, in fact, gay… My mother just didn’t like straight men very much. She had high hopes for me…

* For Freud, something goes wrong if you’re a lesbian, basically.

* Sex itself is simply trauma.

* Sex and death kind of define our identity…we’re just born into this condition.

*I brought you some snacks to apologize for last week’s class…and also because you have to fill in evaluation forms after this. [bribes!!!]

[and, finally, one of my favourite Daniel quotes from my first year]: We’re all living in the Da Vinci Code!!!




2 responses

17 10 2009

Awesome blog!

I thought about starting my own blog too but I’m just too lazy so, I guess Ill just have to keep checking yours out.

8 11 2012

I was mesmerized by Dr Roux in that Eng 178 introductory lecture (fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee…). After 15 minutes he told the class to “Fuck off”. Best lecturer ever.

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