It’s Exhausting, being an Accountant

1 11 2009

I must be the worst blogger ever.

If it’s not one thing, it’s another. First our internet cap at home ran out, which meant that I wasn’t able to blog from there. Then Windows XP decided to nearly destroy my laptop (and my nerves), so I had to (a) have everything valuable on it backed up, (b) get Windows 7 up and running on my laptop, (c) get what was backed up back on the laptop, and (d) reinstall all the programmes I used to have on the thing. Great. Wonderful… But, did we forget anything?

Why yes, we did.

We never saved my bookmarks… the whole bloody long list of it to hell and gone… Now, my Significant Other has a method/ solution for basically every computer-related component or problem you could imagine. After some lengthy smooth-talking, aggravation, and hands-in-his-hair moments, he finally persuaded me to get a delicious account… but, in order to create one, I first had to create a Yahoo account for myself… I have a Facebook account, which a female friend of mine persuaded me to get in late 2007; a MySpace account, which I did not create – a male friend of mine is ‘loaning’ it to me so I can read his posts there; a Twitter account, which my Significant Other persuaded – almost begged – me to open, although I am already bored with it and don’t Tweet a lot; a Gmail account, the most important account I have, in my honest opinion; and now I have a delicious account. Yippee. I’m bouncing off the walls with excitement…

I think my dry, simplistic, oh-so-obvious form of sarcasm annoys my Significant Other sometimes, yet it’s the best breakfast, lunch, and supper one can have. At least sarcasm isn’t difficult to understand… although many people just don’t get it, which makes sarcasm even that much more delicious (haha). It’s like telling a joke, although if someone doesn’t get your sarcasm, you find it amusing – if someone doesn’t get your joke, on the other hand, they are seen as slow, dim, or just plain stupid.

If one has so many accounts, can one be called an accountant? Because you created those accounts for yourself? Or are you just the accountee, the one who owns the accounts? Or… no, wait, that’s enough, my head hurts and I don’t want to fluster myself any further. Then again, if certain people didn’t come barging in at 4AM here at the flat, making a ruckus and causing me to see red, perhaps I would be a perkier person. I don’t care if two of the aforementioned persons are celebrating their birthday today. I’ll think about congratulating them later. Right now, I’ll just stick to my toil-and-trouble evil look bubbling and oozing over my once-calm surface. Oh, something wicked is definitely coming their way…

All this talk isn’t exactly what I wanted to talk about in my next blog (next meaning following-from-the-last-entry… I feel daft for just having typed that out…) I was actually thinking about writing on threesomes. No, not that kind of threesome *awkward tittering laugh* I was thinking more along the line of films, and how these trilogies – yes, that’s the word, trilogy, why did I even say threesome in the first place?? – also seem to be lacking, leaving one wanting, waiting for something… well, just something more. But I suppose I could blog about that next time.

If the Internet Gods let me, of course… would the Internet Gods be exclusively male, or exclusively female… or comprising of both sexes? What do you think? There have been various arguments… well, supposed arguments… about what the sex of a computer is. I’m quite partial to the notion that computers are male (most probably because I am female), but does that make the internet male, as well? They say behind every good man there is a great woman… and behind every good woman, there is a whiny bastard… Again, I digress from what I was saying.

Perhaps the internet is a woman. She is all powerful and knowing, but men pretend to understand and control her. Go figure.

What do you think?


[Just don’t make too much noise – my Significant Other is still sleeping, and if he heard me talk about the internet and computers – especially computers – this way, he’d have a coronary. Flash Developers… *roll eyes*]




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