Some random things about me

6 11 2009

* I like reading horror novels, but not watching horror films. Films based on Stephen King novels are an exception.

* An odd food fondness of mine is peanut butter snackwiches.  [For non-South Africans, it’s like a grilled cheese sandwich, but instead of warm cheese, you have warm peanut butter. Hmm…]

* I can be found quoting sentences from THE ANGRY BEAVERS – sometimes at random, but mostly relating to a certain situation.

* Fall Out Boy is my sing-along preference in a car, the shower, my bedroom, while washing the dishes…

* I read the entire HARRY POTTER series aloud to my younger sister.

* I absolutely adore cats, yet my favourite cartoon characters while growing up were Scooby-Doo and Snoopy – both dogs. Sure, there’s Garfield with his sarcasm and wit, but he ranks behind the doggies in this case.

* I buy the Glamour magazine so that I can cut it up later and use the pictures and words/ letters to make people collage-like cards with. Really. I love being creative.

* If I ever get the opportunity, I’d like to do my Master’s thesis on Stephen King’s THE DARK TOWER series. Can you imagine how much there is to unpack in there?? *sigh* How cool would it be to call yourself a Stephen King scholar? Super awesome! …in my humble opinion…

* Planning on getting some fish for pets and naming them after the computer programmes my Significant Other uses. We’d have CS4, Fiddler, Photoshop, Action Script, Flash, C#… blah blah et cetera… [Pretty lame, huh? But if we ever get a cat, I get first dibs on naming!]

* I am terrified of driving!

* Even though I don’t have a licence (yet), and even though I know that it is in no way cost efficient, I would like to own a Mini Cooper S.

* There’s nothing more comforting than a warm cat by your side… or in your lap… or sleeping next to/ on your feet… (exactly what my cat is doing right now). It makes me feel content. Even at inconvenient times, I cannot get mad at my cat when he does it. Cats just have a way of making one feel special.

* I only eat cheesecake once a year – in January.

* Whenever I’m at the doctor’s office and they stick the needle in my arm in order to get the blood samples they need to do tests with, I faint. Seriously. I go all pale, and then whoops, there I am on the floor, how did that happen? And all because one stupid twit once struggled to get the needle into my vein, and then stuck it right into the flesh of my arm! My right (write) arm! Doing math the following day – this was while I was still in high school – proved to be an almost impossible task, because I couldn’t write anything, the arm was useless!

* During my third year at university (2008), whenever my father dropped me off at my residence early in the morning (round about 6AM), Enrique Iglesias’ PING PONG SONG would start playing just before we arrived at my res. Weird. Oh, and my dad used to like it when Rihanna’s UMBRELLA came on the radio. Cute!

* My all-time favourite song is HOTEL CALIFORNIA by The Eagles.

* I am addicted to LOLcats.

* I would love to have a dress (yellow one) just like Belle’s in BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. We’re so much alike.

There was something else I was thinking about adding, yet now it has escaped me completely *blank look*

Peekaboo[My cat, lying at my feet under the duvet as I’m typing this – star number 12 in my entry] ❤




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