Holding out for a Magazine Miracle

8 11 2009

It’s funny how spending works.

My Significant Other has been sorting out his tax stuff this weekend… and then right after that, we go and spend a lot of money.

I like to think of myself as ‘low-maintenance’, as far as girlfriends (and, now, fiancés) go. If he wants to buy me flowers, Stephen King books, or Kitkats, that’s fine, although I still tell him time and time again that it is not necessary. I feel guilty receiving things, because even though I know that it’s not the money behind it but the thought that counts, I do not have the money to buy gifts in return, no matter how much I want to. That’s why I usually end up making my own cards or collages or scrapbooks – little gestures to show I care.

Yesterday, he bought me flowers, a Kitkat, and three Stephen King novels, because today (the 8th) is our 21 month anniversary. He also bought himself an electric toothbrush, not the cheapest novelty/ necessity to come by, yet it does a pretty great job, so I suppose it makes the money worth it (that, and the fact that it was on special at Clicks). Today was another mini spending spree, and I admit that I am partially to blame for that… because we bought some magazines today.

I’ve never been big on magazines. I used to only purchase the Glamour magazine, because afterwards I would use the pictures and words/ letters to make my cards and collages with. The few times I bought the Cosmopolitan, it was for pure indulgence’s sake, although I would always find myself exasperated as to why I bought it, because the clothes they tend to advertise in it are definitely way, way beyond my penny pinching (or saving, rather) status. Now, however, I buy both the Glamour and Cosmopolitan every month. Every season I buy the new Sarie Food magazine (which equals 4 magazines a year), and every fortnight there’s a new issue of the cookbook range my Significant Other and I are collect for our ‘home’. Today, I – or, rather, he, as my Significant Other is the one who made the purchase – bought the first issue of Women’s Health, which on perusal I have found quite interesting. We bought the first edition of Sarie decor, on his mother’s recommendation, and while it does seem fascinating, I don’t think we’ll buy the next one, because I’ll probably just be cutting out the pictures, anyway, instead of using the latest decor tips (that don’t really cater to my fancy).

And, today, we bought our first bridal magazine. The Fairlady bridal issue.

Yes, we are getting married in about 18 months’ time, so yes, it does seem a bit early to have purchased one of these fright-inducing publications. Yet it seems as if some ‘force’ (not fate or destiny or whatever, let’s just leave it at force for now) told me to take the glossy magazine from the cold steel rack… because there is a competition in it – one where you can win a wedding worth R110 000 (!!!) That’s about as much as I owe the bank – the joys of having a study loan… *tears welling in eyes* All I have to do, is send two photographs of my Significant Other and I (two photographs of us together, naturally) to the Sarie website, and in 400 words say why we would like to get married at the estate hosting the competition, and why we ought to win this phenomenal prize.

I know that I said I found out about the completion when I bought the Fairlady, so how is it that I should e-mail Sarie magazine? Well, the Fairlady had a booklet with it advertising Rickety Bridge (the dream venue). But, in order for me to be eligible to enter the competition, I first need to purchase the Sarie bridal magazine, as I need it to answer a specific question. Another money-making scheme. It’s like I said, it’s funny how spending works.

We weren’t out looking for magazines when we left his apartment this morning; we only left to buy the next issue of the cookbook range. And what do you know – we just might be able to win our wedding, which at this point I am more than just the slightest bit worried about because of the large study loan I need to pay back. My father is paying the interest at the moment, yet my younger sister is going to study Music next year, which means that he’s going to have to pay the interest on her study loan, as well.

So keep your fingers crossed for me, dear readers. I’m holding out for a magazine miracle.

Here's hoping