Always a bridesmaid…

11 11 2009

…never…oh, wait…

So I’m engaged. Have been, for nearly a month. Yet this isn’t my first dip into the wedding planning pool. And this blog entry isn’t going to be about me and my wedding idea(l)s. My older sister has been engaged for nearly two years, and I have a folder full of contact cards, pamphlets, guest lists, seating, decor and flower ideas, and even possible wedding songs. I have a menu planned out, for goodness sake. Not to mention basically everything else that she could possible want done for her wedding.

Still, I have been out of the loop of her wedding planning for quite some time. Not that it’s a negative thing – neither of us has a grudge against the other, or any such act of tomfoolery usually linked to siblings (especially female siblings). Our ‘estrangement’, if you would like to call it that, is due to the fact that I have been spending most of the year staying in my university residence, which obviously is situated on campus, thus making it difficult for the two of us to find a suitable rendezvous date and time. If it’s not one thing, it’s the other. When I do come home, I usually miss her by about half an hour, mostly because weekends are usually the time I get to see my Significant Other. But now that I have completed my academic obligations for the year (and well in advance, too), I have – almost – all the time in the world to help her.

So yesterday afternoon she phones me, somewhat hysterical, although in a quite eerily composed manner. If you didn’t know her exceptionally well, you wouldn’t even be aware of the fact that she’s stressed out. Then again, as I grew up with her, I think it is safe to say that I know her little ticks and mannerisms, even if I can only hear her voice from the other side of the line, and not see her face to face. Not that she’s ever really hysterical, if truth be told… Plus she was phoning me from work, which means that she couldn’t afford to sound even remotely hysterical… But anyway, where was I? Oh yes. We arranged to meet for coffee and a bridal talk session this coming Saturday. It’s the final countdown, and things just might get ugly if the bride isn’t happy.

My sister was going to get married at the end of March. However, the priest isn’t available at that given time, and also not for most weekends during April, which left her with the decision to get married on Easter Saturday. That seemed fine, except for one problem: the caterer is going away that weekend. Hmm. Okay. Now the wedding has shifted from March to April to – wait for it – February. 13 February, to be exact. Valentines weekend. Problem solved?

We-e-e-ll, not entirely…

I invited my fiancé over to come watch RATATOUILLE with me last night, because we watched it together the first time (on DVD), and neither of us has watched it again since… and we watched it that first time on Thursday, 31 January 2008, two days after we first met face to face for coffee. I’ve told you that I’m also a bit obsessive compulsive about dates, right…? About five minutes into the film, my sister phones me again. Voice composed, yet edgy, desperate (?) and shocked at the same time. She’s getting married in three months’ time – and she needs to get her invitations done and dusted! I, the happy little trooper I am, offered my services immediately, and we talked about what she might possibly want done with it.

Then, of course, when I wanted to get into bed, I couldn’t sleep. Not that I really wanted to, it was only 11PM (or thereabouts), but I couldn’t focus on reading, so I thought sleeping would be the next best thing. My mind kept shifting back to my sister’s wedding invitations, and deadlines, and wanting everything to be as perfect as possible, and me wanting to not mess things up and give her what she deserves *head reeling* I ended up gathering the photographs of her and her fiancé into a folder on my laptop, decided how to phrase my sentences for the invitation, copied my younger sister’s Disney Love Songs CD to my music folder, then put everything together in a PowerPoint Presentation, and voila! An invitation titled “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart makes”, straight out of CINDERELLA – hopefully, a fairytale come true. I almost sent my sister a text message at 2:30AM to let her know that it has been completed, yet I thought better of it in the end. I’m rather pleased with what I have done, although I’m not sure that it’s exactly what she wanted, which thus bothers me a little bit…

That, and the fact that I can’t get the Disney songs out of my head.





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