What do YOU want for Christmas?

12 11 2009

Today, I’m going to take a slightly different approach to my blog.

At first I thought of writing a blog entry about two things I have never learnt to do (and probably never will). Yet, as my younger sister is writing her English Literature exam today, I decided to save that tale for another day and instead make a little list.

I have been keeping a list of all the books I can remember reading this year. Quite a long-ish list at the moment, although one has to take into account that (a) I love reading, and (b) I had nearly 30 prescribed books to work through (thank you, English Honours)… But that list I’m definitely keeping for later – ideally, for 31 December, thus acting as a reflection on my reading year. So today, I’ll be outlining a list of books I want. I’ll omit all the classics, as I want most of them (from DRACULA and FRAKENSTEIN right up to CRIME AND PUNISHMENT and WAR AND PEACE). The books on my list are newer books, books that have been released during the last couple of years (literally two… I think). Call it a Christmas wish list, if you will.

And, if anyone cares to purchase any of these books and present them to me as gifts, remember that any day is a good gift-giving day… What can I say? I love books.

So, what do you want for Christmas?



* The Patchwork Cat – N. Bayley & W. Mayne

* Haunted Heart: The Life and Times of Stephen King – Lisa Rogak

* Under the Dome – Stephen King

* How NOT to write a novel: 200 mistakes to avoid at all costs if you ever want to get published – H. Mittlemark & S. Newman

* Eats, Shoots and Leaves: the Zero Tolerance approach to Punctuation – Lynne Truss

* It’s not Rocket Science: and other irritating modern clichés – C. Whichelow & H. Murray

* Kafka’s Soup – Mark Crick

* Edgar Allan Poe’s Tales of Death & Dementia – Edgar Allan Poe [rereleased]

* The Murder Ballad – Jane Hill

* My dirty little book of stolen time – Liz Jensen

* The post-birthday world – Lionel Shriver

* The good cemetery guide – Consuelo Roland

* The Winter Vault – Anne Michaels

* The Penguin book of Classical Myths – Jennifer R. March

* Why is Q always followed by U? – Michael Quinion

* Still Bleeding – Steve Mosby





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