More random things about me

13 11 2009

* I’ve always wanted to voice a character in an animated film.

* I have never learnt how to swim or ride bicycle. I also have no intention to.

* If I had the opportunity to marry any celebrity, I’d choose John Cusack, hands-down.

* Peanut butter is one of those things I can eat every day and not get tired of… especially with teaspoon straight from the jar… It should be a food group all its own!

* Lilies are my favourite flowers – is that strange? I know they’re beautiful, but they’re funeral flowers, after all… what does that say about me?

* Even though my bed sheets are white, I cannot bring myself to toss the cat off when he’s shedding all over the place. He even sleeps on my one pillow (!) Needless to say that both beds now belong to him… and the bedding will have to be washed this weekend. I’ll just put the dark blue set on – at least then you cannot see the cat hair… [I have a black cat.]

* I get excited when it’s Friday the thirteenth. No special reason, it just seems ‘cool’. My younger sister and I watched CORPSE BRIDE today to celebrate the occasion. Death, humour, and Jonny Depp – sounds like a winning combination to me… plus the fact that I, too, am getting married in the thankfully-not-too-near future.

* I would love to have my own Dictaphone. I’ve wanted one since I was 16 or 17. I’m 22 (and a half! More than a half!!) now. Anybody want to help a writer out?

* I love reading other people’s status updates on Facebook. I could do it all day long. Oh, and going through their photos, too, of course.

* I like reading the last sentence of a novel first. I don’t always do it, yet it happens quite frequently. Yes, I know it seems stupid. Maybe it’s something genetic… although I’m not sure that those I share my genes with have the compulsion to act in the same way. Finally, a manner in which I differ from them!

* I cannot understand why I used to collect candles and adorn my dresser with them. Probably so that, in the future, I could have candles to take to my Significant Other’s apartment – as I have done now. Thanks, Past Me, Present Me is very pleased with your efforts. Now I must wonder, what is Present Me going to do for Future Me…?

* I used to want to look like one of the Pussycat Dolls. Or a supermodel. Someone guys wish they had, someone who can make them feel envy to know that she (me, the model) is already taken. People tell me I’m not bad-looking, but I beg to disagree. I’m always overlooked by the male species. I’m not what men consider ‘hot’… Oh well; I’ll keep on being the luscious librarian, instead. I’ve already found the Love of my Life 🙂

* Three actresses I believe to be beautiful, both inside and out, are Kate Beckinsale, Reese Witherspoon, and Sandra Bullock. Oh, plus Jessica Alba and Halle Berry. Fine, so that’s 5 women… But I like Kate Beckinsale the most.

* I like my coffee black and bitter, yet when I have hot chocolate, I always add extra sugar. Why?

* When I go to Dulcé for a cup of coffee, I always feel cheated in some way if I don’t get a shortbread cookie with my cuppa…

* I cannot wait to go see the new Disney Princess movie, THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG. Ever a child at heart…

* When I get really, really angry (or upset), I start rambling off in English. I’m bilingual, but we mostly speak Afrikaans here at home.

* There are so many random things about me, but when I want to type them out, I struggle to think of any.

Lily: funeral flower




One response

14 11 2009

Ek moet met jou saamstem. Net laas week het ek weer vir Niel genoem dat Kate Beckinsale vir my die mooiste vrou op aarde is. Sy is ‘n perfect speciman!

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