Gotta catch em all!

14 11 2009

…or should that read, ‘gotta BUY em all’?

It seems that so many children shows are centred around that great money churning wheel the big shots call ‘true success’… And yet, can commercialism in any way be excluded from the appeal of children’s programmes?

Okay, so perhaps ‘appeal’ is the wrong word to use here. But you have to admit that these kiddies programmes are a pretty convenient way for those corporate big wigs to churn in those big bucks (they all must be Jewish – I’m sure of it). These shows have their own trading cards, collectible soft toys, lunch boxes, clothes, even pencils and pens with the images stamped on them. I don’t even want to think about all the party cups and plates that are made to create that special themed birthday… *shudder*

My Significant Other and I have been watching trilogies and movie collections for a while now. Which is why, as I had them on VHS (blame my youth! I was young too!!), we decided to start on the three Pokémon films I own. Sad but true… Still, it was interesting to notice just how much I can remember about the series, films, and the long (long) list of character names. Think about it: I watched the show when I was 13 years old. That was in the year 2000. Nine years have passed, and by some kind of bizarre chance (brainwash it’s brainwash oh my God they brainwashed us!!), I can remember quite an impressive amount of the various Pokémon’s names.

At the beginning of the first Pokémon film, there’s a mini-movie called PIKACHU’S VACATION. In it, they jump to psychedelic moving background that display different Pokémon, each of these critters repeating their name, which then works with that groovy funk-oh-licious background in order to create that hypnotizing, brainwashing vibes… You all still with me? Do you see the impact of these shows?? Consumerism! Envy! Avarice!! You’ve just gotta buy em all!

I might act all crazy cat lady right now, yelling at those damn kids and shaking my head disapprovingly, because us older folk didn’t grow up like this new rowdy lot *cough* Yet even I must admit that I still enjoy the Pokémon films, and I cannot help but laugh at what interested me when I was young.

But enough of that now. We came home early after having a barbecue at my older sister apartment, because – as my Significant Other put it – we had to come home to watch the second film…

And after this, we’re starting on the four seasons of Digimon episodes I have.





One response

15 11 2009

Oooo ja, ek onthou die pokemon craze soos gister! Het toegeslaan toe ons in die Laerskool was. Dink so standerd 3 of 4. Kan ook nogsteeds ‘n HELE paar pokemon karakter name onthou. Scary!

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