Am I like my favourite colour?

17 11 2009

What’s my favourite colour, you ask?

Turquoise. Plain and simple.

I’ve done a few quizzes on the internet, and even surveys when I was bored to figure out which colour I am – and the answer always comes out “yellow”. Yellow… Really?

There’s nothing wrong with yellow, of course. It’s another colour I particularly fancy, yet I do not believe that it can act as an accurate reflection on my personality (if one can categorize it, that is). Yellow has come to stand for happy, perky people – people who are cheery, those who are filled with hope and joy and all things uplifting. Not the perfect description of a shy, pessimistic person who would rather keep to herself than mingle with others. I’ll admit that, to a certain extent, I can identify with yellow’s associations with creative energy and wisdom. Plus I am far happier now than I have ever been – hope following closely in tow. So perhaps I might be a yellow person…

But not ‘yellow’ in the sense of cowardly!

Now, if I say my favourite colour is turquoise, could I try to find a correlation between the colour and my personality? Let’s see. Turquoise is the colour of youth. I am both young (22) and youthful – trying to find revitalizing things in life, and to stay young-at-heart (which is a way for me to justify my cartoon watching ways). Turquoise is a soothing colour, promoting health and strength, and also acting as a symbol of protection and confidence. Above all else, it is a colour of communication. I would like to believe that I can soothe others by listening to them, by giving advice and not being biased. In that sense, I am a good communicator (especially in writing). I want nothing more to protect those close to me, and my passions – among them writing – give me strength, and can aid me in promoting my own confidence.

There’s nothing sexier than a confident woman.

Still, I read somewhere than yellow is a good colour (and gemstone) for writers… hmm… I think I’ll have to spice up my living environment and wardrobe with some yellow, and think calming, creative yellow thoughts while ‘zen-ing’ (my own word) it out while I try to find inspiration… I’m a writer, after all. Or hope to be.

But can’t you just like a colour for what it is – a colour? Not some kind of measuring stick, if you could put it like that, for emotions and personalities and all the feng shui mumbo jumbo floating about? I’m not even sure anymore. We’ve become so used to labelling things, used to attaching meaning and ‘depth’, that it becomes difficult to look at something just as it is, all the surface structures scrapped to reveal what’s truly there…

And now, all I can think about is: what would it mean if I used burnt orange as my wedding colour??

[Me in my little turquoise dress, circa 3 weeks ago at my soon-to-be in-laws’ home…]