Perfectly Cursed Life: a blog you should be reading!

18 11 2009

I know I am!

I’m not exactly sure how I stumbled upon this gem. I think it happened round about the time I joined the Twitter network. I was browsing around, adding people who like Stephen King, and I do believe that the Perfectly Cursed One – Kim with a K on Twitter – was amongst the rank of King followers. On her Twitter page, she had a link to her blog. And I, the Curiosity Cat, couldn’t resist clicking to find out more. Hey, it was something to click on; can you blame me that I did? Curiosity didn’t kill this cat, but it definitely satisfied her, and left my feline self purring.

Go peruse her blog, Perfectly Cursed Life (, and you’ll see what I mean.

First off, she owns cats (I love her cat, Spencer!) And you ought to know that I love cats. I am a self-proclaimed cat lover (I think I’ve said that enough now, don’t you?) Her “Random Thoughts” and “Open Letters Friday” entries are like the very thoughts I have running around in my own head, and the style she uses for her entries is purely delightful. Honest, witty, and sometimes sardonic, her motto how you should “Be thankful for your curses. Blessings are overrated” sums up life in a greatly concise nutshell… Is ‘sardonic’ the right word, here? I’m not sure. Let me know what you think. Needless to say that I receive it in my inbox everyday (subscriptions are the best, don’t you think?) But anyway…

If I have to be honest, I owe many, many thanks to the Perfectly Cursed One, because even though she does not know it (and probably won’t, unless I send her a Tweet), she is the one who got me blogging again. She made me see how fun it is, and also made me realize that it does not matter what I say, but the fact that I am at least saying something and being creative/ productive (I’m busy writing, aren’t I? Even if it isn’t an award-winning novel, and by no means a work of fiction!) is what counts. So I can be as sarcastic and mundane and completely random and rambling as I want. Also, she is a fellow writer… Well… more of a writer than I myself am, she’s already looking for an agent for her novel, whereas I have a short story anthology and a poetry anthology saved on my laptop, and I haven’t even started looking for agents yet… But the fact remains: we are both writers. We are goal oriented. Our writing is our passion. We both want to be published. And her The Mister and my Significant Other are very alike.

They both have a tendency to steal all the blankets…

[My Significant Other is going to kill me if, or rather, when he sees that I used a photo of him in my blog… hullo, Sweetheart!… It’s not my fault he’s a sheet stealer… But he’s my sleeping beauty *warm smile*]




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18 11 2009

This was so sweet of you! Thank you! I’m glad I got you blogging again!

23 11 2009
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