Things on my mind

19 11 2009

* Cupcakes: no specific reason. I seem to have a hankering for the ones I bought last weekend when we discussed my sister’s wedding plans. It makes me feel guilty just thinking about them. Think I have to start using my fitness ball again, but I’m not very motivated… maybe I should buy that electronic skipping rope – it counts calories!!

* Weddings: a close friend of mine is getting married the 5th of December; my older sister’s wedding is on the 13th of February; another friend of mine is tying the knot on the 17th of April; then there’s one in May; and others strewn throughout the course of next year… Plus I’m busy thinking of designs for my sister’s wedding invitation. I made a PowerPoint presentation, very nice (to be honest), but I thought that maybe handmade invitations would be more personal (it can also serve as a wedding present from me to my sister! Oh, and it’ll spare my Significant Other time and effort, if we’re going to make a DVD). If I make the invitations, it’ll detract from my sister’s stress quotient.

* Graduation: 9 December – obtaining my second degree. Now, the realization: I don’t have a job for next year… yet… this optimism thing is overrated. (O_o)

* “The Way I Loved You”: Taylor Swift. Stupid song stuck in my head since yesterday morning, but it didn’t bother me much until last night when I couldn’t fall asleep. Not a good thing when you have wedding invites on the brain, and all you can come up with is the lyrics of a not-too-happy relationship song.

* Saturday: my Significant Other and I are going to Dr Daniel Roux’s housewarming (I’ve mentioned this in a previous entry). What am I going to wear?? I’m not your average Jane who usually frets about what to wear – that’s a bit too stereotypical female for me. Be that as it may, this case is different. I’ll have to relent to the stereotype… I’m not sure what kind of people are going to be at the housewarming. Strictly Academics? (Yes, with a capital letter.) Surely not… but I want to make a good impression. What can one wear that looks like you didn’t make too much fuss, yet it’s stylish, dazzling, and has sexy(low-key and sultry) undertones??

* Biology: my younger sister has been studying for her biology exam in my room since Tuesday… or has it been since Monday? (Monday, methinks). Either way, she’s been telling me about all of it… all of it (!)

* The word ‘hash’: funny word, isn’t it? Hash… hash key… make a hash of (i.e. make a mess of – cool, huh?) Apparently, you get three types of hash, or at least three different meanings for the word. Hash can be a dish (with diced cooked meat and heated potatoes – that’s what the OED says); the word hash is the informal use of ‘hashish’, which is cannabis; and hash is also the symbol # on the keyboard. How do the three relate to each other?!

* Pigeons: copulating birds… right outside my bedroom window (which looks out on the backyard)… All. Year. Long. – this madness has to end. Although, it does stay funny, in a giggling, childish sort of way, when my younger sister gets frustrated because of them and bursts out yelling “F*cking pigeons!!!’ on a regular basis. I hope she sees the irony in her choice of words.

[The cupcakes and blueberry muffins I bought last Saturday, especially because my older sister was coming over in order for us to discuss her wedding plans. I would have baked myself – I LOVE to! – yet we don’t have any baking utensils at the flat… yet…]