Corporate Kitten, at your service

20 11 2009

I haven’t even started working yet, and already I dress the part.

I have knee-length skirts and calve-length skirts, neat black trousers and office-appropriate three-quarter pants, dresses galore, and a variety of shirts to choose from. Now if only a job would follow…

I’ve always liked looking smart yet comfortable, so moving into the work environment doesn’t threaten the status of my wardrobe. It’s a good thing for me that I’m not a shopaholic, otherwise I’d be like these business women in television series with an endless walk-in closet. It could probably lead you to Narnia and back… and these women never wear the same outfit twice.

Guess that kind of kills a budget plan, huh?

Being Corporate Kitten is actually quite fun. At least then people don’t mistake me to still be in high school. And I’ve always wanted my glasses to be part of my ‘look’… Now I’m not saying that it is particularly so, but it could be that my somewhat newly acquired (although it is more of an upgraded and reworked) corporate attire has acted as a confidence boost. Sure, it sounds silly, yet dressing the part was merely step one. Even if I don’t have a job (yet!), at least I look the part.

I had my very first interview today. First. Ever. In my life (!) One is already tensed-up enough about what they are going to ask you and how you should respond and what expectations (I hate that word) they might have, so one doesn’t need the anxiety of deciding what to wear. And I wouldn’t have felt anxious, as I’m not a superficial, clothes and make-up and accessories obsessed woman (although I know some people who are), if not for the fact that I used that ‘issue’ to divert my thoughts from the interview – and it’s questions – itself.

Yesterday, I laid out 6 shirts on my bed, a black knee-length skirt, a black calve-length skirt, and my pair of black trousers. Not to mention 3 pairs of shoes… and in the end, I went with what I originally thought I might wear, anyway. Go figure. I suppose I was just being obsessive compulsive again…

At least the interview went well. Particularly so. I just might have a job… but I don’t want to be too optimistic. After all, what would people who know me think?




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