Summer = ice-cream (!)

21 11 2009

I must admit, I am not a fan of summer. But I’ve already told you that, right?

Besides the fact that I am not summer’s biggest fan (no, not Summer from THE OC, although I don’t watch it… come to think of what I’ve read about the whole shebang, I don’t like that Summer either), you would think that at least I would be cheered by the fact that summer = ice-cream. Am I?

Not quite…

…although I might be persuaded to change my mind.

As a rule, I don’t eat a lot of ice-cream – I rarely indulge in the treat (just thinking about the calories makes me feel fat), and if I do, I’m a plain vanilla kind o’ gal. Now, however, I think I’m going to become a fan of ice-cream. Not on a regular basis, of course… wait, let me re-phrase that: I’ll be a fan of ice-cream forever (forever is a long time, I know), but I won’t indulge in it on a regular basis. That’s what I meant to say…or was trying to imply…or whatever, I’m not even sure any more why I’m explaining this to you, as you, my dear readers, are smart enough to get the gist of what I’m usually rambling about. But back to what I was saying, before I digress any further.

I read on some blog yesterday that the people were trying to decide who has the best ice-cream, or at least who likes to indulge where. And I’ve found my answer: Lecca il Gelato. Real Italian ice-cream. Italian. Ice-cream. (!!!) More expensive than ‘regular’ ice-cream, for one thing… With at least up to 2 – 4 times the amount of calories (kilojoules, here where I come from) and sneaky thigh-loving fat, for another.

And worth every mouthful. Take a look at this photo I took. Flavour – blackberry yoghurt (I strayed from my usual Plain Jane vanilla, as an experiment):

My Significant Other, who loves chocolate mousse and has gotten his sweet tooth back (thanks to me… although I’m not quite sure that he would thank me), opted for a scoop of caramello and a scoop of chocolate brownie (and I do love chocolate brownies so… when I have one, occasionally). Take a look at these two photos, which depicts the variety of flavours on display:

I might abhor summer, yet I’m loving the gelato. I’ll just have to keep an eye on my bikini body (I actually own a bikini *horrified expression* yet I’ve never worn it. It’s not that I don’t fit into it, it’s just that I don’t like displaying my bits…) The only problem is that the ice-cream cafe is 5 minutes drive away from his flat.

Perhaps walking there and back will help burn off some sinful indulgence calories.

[At least we stayed away from having our ice-cream in sugar cones. The small containers seemed better… if you know what I mean…]




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