10 reasons why this week was great

22 11 2009

1) Discovering 20 Something Bloggers. You can while an evening away browsing people’s profiles and checking out their blogs. As Jamie Cullum sings, “I’m a twenty-something and I’ll keep being meeeeee…” 😉

2) Listening to my younger sister study biology. It doesn’t sound like much, but trust me, it’s hilarious. And she’s so damn clever – she can remember all of that stuff! Too bad she’s going to study music next year at university.

3) Browsing the web for wedding invitation ideas, table layouts, chocolate, etc. (for my older sister’s wedding, and I suppose for mine, as well)… I just like looking at pretty pictures!

4) Making up a song randomly and laughing hysterically with my younger sister because of it.

5) Standing up for myself; enough is enough!

6) Great job interview. It made me feel (significantly) confident.

7) Spending time with my dad (even if it was only at his office, for a short while).

8 ) Having coffee with my mum and her two friends. Crazy, loveable people.

9) Blackberry yoghurt flavoured ice-cream at Lecca il Gelato… hmm…

10) Dr Daniel Roux’s housewarming. What a house! Bookshelves everywhere!! (not to mention great avocado dip) 🙂

[Me and my younger sister, being our usual selves. She’s the one with the green eyes, with her mouth open. It’s odd: I have pale skin and blue eyes, where she has a more ‘tanned’ skin tone and green eyes. My older sister also has green eyes… I really do have middle-child syndrome!!]




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