Thank you for Blogging (awards time)

24 11 2009

So yesterday, much to my shy delight, I read on the Perfectly Cursed One’s blog that she had seen fit to bestow one of her Thank You For Blogging Awards upon me ( Flattered as I am, I shall thus continue her tradition – now in its second year – by adhering to the rules, as laid out by her (and I quote):

“1.  Each recipient who receives a TYFBA must give away at least four (4) TYFBAs

2.  Each recipient must describe, in at least three words why they are giving that person the award.

3.  Each recipient must gobble.  Just kidding…I just wanted three rules.”

Here goes, then…

(1) Perfectly Cursed Life ( as stated in my blog entry on 18 November, this is a blog you definitely should be reading! Fun, witty, cat lover, soon-to-be-published writer who can make you smile with every entry. Plus she got me blogging again, which is why I have blogged every day thus far for the month of November. November isNational Blog Posting Month, if I’m not mistaken – NaBloPoMo… is that only in America, as it is “national” and not “international”? Oh well, no matter where I live, at least I’m doing something I love: writing. Many thanks to the Perfectly Cursed One *smile* Go read her blog!!!

(2) Vodka for Breakfast ( I came upon this blog accidentally. I was at my Significant Other’s apartment, trying to find a means of amusing myself, and started clicking through the tags section on (or was it under freshly pressed?) when I noticed an article titled “Alvin and the Chipmunks: Wha?” – HILARIOUS! The blog, in the blogger’s words, is about “things [that] grind my goddamn gears and some things [that] dont grind my goddamn gears”. Hope you have as much a good time laughing as I do!

(3) EpiCute ( call me a silly old fool, yet I love looking at these expertly taken photographs of… well… epically cute food *sheepy grin* The pictures are colourful and hunger (or craving, rather) inducing, plus she loves taking pictures of cupcakes – how can’t you love that in a blog?! Perusing through this blog led me to perusing others, looking at the pictures there, etc. – helping me discover new things (not to mention an intense longing for cupcakes…)

(4) Working Girl ( I recently became a member of 20 Something Bloggers, and found Working Girl Two while browsing through people’s ‘profile pages’. Her blog seems ideally suited to myself, as I am soon moving into the job sector. This blog received was the 20SB Bootlegs 2009 Winner – the best blog about career/ occupation (or so the award says)… Plus she loves How I Met Your Mother!! *laugh* [I once did a Facebook quiz, and apparently I am like Ted. In some ways, I’d say that’s true…]

Okay, I think that’s it from me. I’m still ‘rather new’ to the blogging world (although I created my blog in March), so I’m still at the Browsing Blogs Stage. But as soon as I find some noteworthy bloggers for your reading enjoyment, I’ll let you know.

[I’d mention my Significant Other’s blog, but his is more work related – he’s a Flash Developer, remember? – plus he hasn’t had time to blog as much…]




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24 11 2009
Liske van Lill

Great, for some reason my links don’t want to work (i.e. you cannot click on them). It was still working fine the other day… anyone at WordPress have any advice??

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