Things I am dreading

27 11 2009

* My Period (with a capital ‘P’, yes). None of you really wants to know this, but I’m sure that all women out there can sympathize with me. Even though men don’t understand it, and even though they think it is better than… well, let’s not venture there… or do let’s: I’ve been told that at least women have a kind of hormonal release that comes once a month – for men it’s ‘complicated’, and the only way they can get they’re own equivalent of our hormonal release is by masturbating. I kid you not (!!!) *uncomfortable cough* Aaaanyway, even though men don’t understand it, it’s something even they fear and dread, so all the men out there, cut me some slack for mentioning it on my blog. All I’ll say is, I urgently need to go see a gynaecologist.

* Finding a job. I went for that interview last Friday, and they said that they would be in touch (they even mentioned that they wanted to discuss salary expectations, et cetera). I have yet to hear from them, so I am just gritting my teeth, gnashing them down into fine meal, and hoping that the age-old adage about patience is true.

* My friend’s wedding. I’ve never been to a ‘young’ wedding before. And I don’t know what kind of people she has invited. After all, she lives in one of those small towns, and I’m not saying I believe in small town mentality, yet I’m busy steeling myself for it nevertheless. I have a few dresses to choose from – what I’ll be wearing – so it bothers me that I am unsure about Those In Attendance. What if they think I’m overdressed? Or under-dressed? Prude, or skanky (luckily I never, ever will be! I’ve never looked common)?

* Christmas. Okay, so Christmas isn’t all bad, although it feels like I have become more and more Scrooge-like over the years. I don’t mean that in a stingy, bah humbug way. I merely just don’t enjoy making up the house any more. Putting the tree up (a live one – we buy one every year), bedecking it with tinsel, ornamentalizing (no such word, so I’ll coin it) it… it only tires me out… Plus my younger sister and I can fight about anything, so Her + Me + The Tree = not too many happy times. Luckily my Significant Other enjoyed getting the tree sorted out, lights, tinsel, bobbles and all.

* The end of December. I should be moving in with my Significant Other by then. Or rather, should have completed my moving and be cosily habituating the comfort zone that is to be the first step in our new life together. Am I scared? Only somewhat; it feels like I’m living here already (only in the sense that I know where everything goes, or at least ought to be, since men don’t put things in the right place – I create order). No, you see, his brother, who is sharing the apartment with him, has to move out before I can move in. And I’m not all too sure how his plans are progressing, if they are at all…

* Graduation. But only because I’m still confused about when to hire the academic gown we should wear on the evening. Getting mixed communication: first, we’re told we should hire it as soon as possible (or at least, to my knowledge we were told that); then we were supposed to hire it during the course of the various graduation days (not specifying which day); now, finally, we are told that we have to do it on the day of graduation, RIGHT BEFORE THE CEREMONY (!!) How does that seem logical? If everyone who is obtaining a degree (me my second one) goes to hire it right before the ceremony, can you imagine the CHAOS??

* The end of this entry. It feels like I’ve been typing a load of rubbish… I suppose that’s what happens when your internet cap at home has turned tail and scrambled down a dark alleyway, leaving you no other choice but to type and post your next blog entry at six in the morning at your Significant Other’s apartment, in order for you to ensure that you have posted something (following through with National Blog Posting Month).

[I bought my younger sister this t-shirt, and although it’s just the kind of thing she likes, I’m now actually dreading my having bought it for her… she’s not going to wear it when she’s around me and we are out in public is she? …oh, wait, that’s right – she already has… *sigh*]