I officially have my second degree…

10 12 2009

…which, I guess, makes me unemployed now.

Three weeks down the line, having heard absolutely nothing from the company where I went for an interview (which I thought went pretty well, actually), I am strongly considering the option of becoming a housewife. At least my migraines won’t interfere with my workload. Think about it: when I am at a real job, migraines could break my concentration, causing me to deliver work of substandard quality, and thus leave not only the boss in a tizzy with me, but myself as well feeling dissatisfied with my performance. If I were a housewife, on the other hand, I could sit down and take a breather whenever the big bad ‘M’ strikes. But I wouldn’t be just a housewife. I’d be a learned housewife. With two degrees (!)

Not the best optimist, am I?

Oh, how I would love to go back to university next year and do my Masters degree… and a Doctoral after that… *sigh* Yet life teaches us that you cannot always have your cake and eat it, as well. In the immortal words of Garfield the cat, whoever invented that saying should be drug out into the street and shot. What’s the fun of having cake, but not being able to eat it?? Although it does cut out the annoying calorie factor, thus not leaving a person feeling guilty about indulging in such a delectable treat. So for weight conscience people, this saying is a ‘yes go’ (as opposed to a ‘no go’… not that I have ever heard anyone use ‘yes go’, so I suppose I shall be the first).

Not to sound blasphemous or anything, but graduation feels like such a waste of time. You have to (a)  hire your own academic gown; (b) arrive two hours early to be sorted into categories – being given a number (!!); (c) sit in a stuffy gymnasium, causing you to fan yourself with the big official graduation ceremony booklet; only to (d) get up, walk across the stage to have the sash draped around your neck, and then walk off stage again to receive your degree, which has been stuck into a maroon tube with your name (and number!!) on it – and this all lasts for a mere five seconds.

Now, as I obtained an Honours degree, as a Bachelor of the Arts (can’t I be a Bachelorette?!), and receiving it Cum Laude, as well, I had to sit through all the students who obtained the following degree before prancing about for my few seconds across the stage: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Arts cum laude, Bachelor of Social Work, Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Music cum laude, Bachelor of Drama, Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts, Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts cum laude, Postgraduate Diploma in Translation, Postgraduate Diploma in Translation cum laude, Bachelor of Philosophy, Bachelor of Philosophy cum laude, and (finally) Bachelor of Arts with Honours. Only then did we get to Bachelor of Arts with Honours cum laude. Yeay. I was number 691. Just bear in mind that not all the people on the programme thingy could attend the ceremony, which means that if they had, my number would have shifted on considerably.

Subsequently, I am now sitting at home, jobless, having nothing to do but help with the housework (per usual). I actually found another job I can apply for, which is comforting. Plus I am currently reading the new Stephen King novel, UNDER THE DOME. It’s just such a pity that I cannot read it at a quicker tempo, as my migraines decide to interfere and basically blind me. The doctor prescribed some tablets when I was there on Monday, yet I don’t find the words ‘bear with it’ comfortable when it comes to medication. And I can fully understand why he said it – after taking the first tablet Monday evening, I had the most excruciating migraine I have ever had in my entire LIFE.

So I think that being a housewife is my best bet. I already have a fancy pair of black high heeled Desperate Housewives shoes. All I need is a snazzy house. Or a cute gardener.




3 responses

10 12 2009

Congradz on doing so well! … PS: I’ll be you cute “gardener” 😉 hehe!

10 12 2009

“Yet life teaches us that you cannot always have your cake and eat it, as well.”

Oh so true! Best of luck w/ the route that you do choose to take 🙂

11 12 2009
Which religious philosopher is quoted “You simply cannot turn a ho into a housewife, they do not act right”? | Famous Philosophers

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