18 12 2009

Being the middle-child in a home with three daughters, as well as being a humble and helpful person, I suppose there have been many times in my not-too-long lifespan (almost 23 years) when I have had to make sacrifices. Yet the latest one, a voluntary sacrifice, I just might come to regret for a looong time…

I’ve been growing my hair for 13 years. Yip, you heard me. The last time I had my hair cut short was at the beginning of the 4th grade, which means January 1997. Since it is now December 2009, I think I can count the years as 13 instead of 12 years and 11 months. Now, I’ve been thinking for some time that I ought to have my hair trimmed. Not drastically, though – just the ends, since no shampoo has been a great help in keeping my hair (a) soft and shiny, and (b) split-end free. Instead, my hair still feels dry – often a bit listless – after I have washed it… Oh, and of course there is the split-end thing. The thing where it is ever present and annoying? Yeah, that thing.

So, last Saturday, I made the decision to have my hair cut.

I didn’t want to have it cut short. My hair goes (or should I say, went) right up to where my behind is, as seen in this photograph:

Here I am on Sunday, happy, healthy, thin, and with my long hair in all its glory. Okay, so perhaps this photo doesn’t show perfectly that my hair reaches down to my buttocks, yet believe me, I would most definitely know up to where my hair goes/ went. After a great debate and inner struggle with the being that makes up myself (oddly put, huh?), I decided to have my hair cut to a certain length: that length being to the middle of my back. That way, my hair would (a) not be that short, and thus alleviate some of my guilt, (b) be at a length where I can still at least do a few things with my hair, style-wise of course, and (c) look healthier by getting rid of a lot of those bloody split ends. So yes, I decided to sacrifice my hair in the name of health, shine, and ‘body’.

Turns out it didn’t work out so well…

I had my hair cut last Sunday (13 December). Have a look at my slashed-off hair, residing on the floor of Carlton Hair Express:

Anybody want to wager a guess as to why I state that things didn’t work out well? I think my third and final photograph will reveal all:

Yes, dear readers, she cut my hair too short!!! *extremely sad, upset face* I asked for hair that would hang in the middle of my back. Instead, I walked out with hair hanging just below my shoulder! Shock and horror!! I’ll be honest and say that these people are professionals, and that they offer great service. The girl – she couldn’t have been much older than myself – washed my hair three times, and used conditioner on it twice. Everything was still fine as I sat in the chair with my wet hair cascading down my back. But once she snipped my hair off (a sound I shall never, ever forget), I knew that she had cut it too short. I simply knew it. I literally felt nauseous. I kid you not, dear readers. My vision started to go blurry, as if I wanted to faint, and I could feel a sickening, hollow feeling enter my stomach. I almost sent my Significant Other a text message to ask him to bring me a bottle of water – aforementioned ‘hero’ having left twice, (a) to go have a cappuccino, and (b) to have a cigarette outside. As such, he wasn’t present at the sacrificial Snipping Of The Hair ceremony, and thus could not alert the woman with the Holy Scissors in her hand not to snip. And yet, all is in vain, now, for the snipping has been done, and the sacrifice made. Now I weep the tears of the scarred, another sacrifice – one of sorrow, where the tears act as a purifying, cleansing factor… (I truly am spinning a lot of bs right now, aren’t I? Don’t worry, it’s over now).

I still haven’t made peace with the sacrifice I made, and neither with the hairdresser’s mistake. All my Facebook friends (sad that it’s the only way people seem to have time for each other nowadays, isn’t it?) as well as my family (parental home and in-laws) like my new hairstyle. Seems like I’m in the minority; I’m the only one who hates it. I’ve been perusing teh interwebz (LOL-speak) in search of things I can do with my hair, yet I can find absolutely nothing…

So today I have my hair done up on the left side of my head in a ponytail that eerily makes me resemble Misty from Pokémon. The fact that I am wearing short black shorts isn’t helping, either… Oh well. Hopefully, my hair will grow to a fitting length before my wedding. Otherwise, it’ll just have to have a Pokémon theme.




4 responses

18 12 2009

You are beautiful! And your hair looks very sexy, before and after the “snip-snip”. So please be happy about you new hair, it grows back… I promise 😉

18 12 2009

I think it looks great on you. But I understand your frustration–it’s not what you wanted. And it should be since you’re the one who has to live with it.

21 12 2009

Hello, i have a little offtopic question. I like the Layout of this site, can i get the template somewhere? Thank you in behind and best wishes from austria.

23 12 2009
Liske van Lill

hullo there 🙂 it’s a theme i am using from WordPress, since i have a WordPress account – Freshy theme by Jide, if you scroll down right to the bottom of my homepage, you’ll see it there. not sure how you can get the theme/ layout, but i know my Significant Other added a WordPress widget or something of the like to his webpage in order to get a theme… okay, i feel like i’m babbling incoherently…

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