Happy New Year?

5 01 2010

The jury’s still out on this one.

When it comes to the beginning of a new year, everybody starts getting so über optimistic, waxing lyrical about how the new year is going to be their year, and all that kind of happy crappy. I’m all for positive thinking, but please, everybody is saying it, and why should this year be different to the next? Most of you will end up feeling the same way you did at the end of most years, and I know 2010 is supposed to be so significant for South Africa with the World Cup and all, but just give it a rest, guys, what do you say?

Now that I’ve got that out of my system, let’s look at what this year has held in for me thus far. Not even a week has passed, and yet I swear bad luck has been out to find me from the start. I’ve been ill since the 1st, and I am still ill, although it found its peak on the 3rd. The cause of this illness might greatly be attributed to what my gynaecologist thinks I might have – endometriosis – which is why she wants me to go for a laparoscopy at the end of the month, just to make sure what’s wrong with me. Another cause for my being sick, is the fact that I have been using medication wrong – due to the fact that no one indicated how I was supposed to use the medication (when to start, what time of day, et cetera). Oh, and my doctor gave me medication for my headaches, which has only worsened it, because – haha – funny story, one of the side effects of the tablets is that they can cause headaches and migraines.

Oh lucky, lucky me.

So it was in this ill state that I had to do everything the last couple of days. New Years day we spent with his family, in excruciating heat… On the 2nd, we met three of his friends for brunch, which held on until 3-o’clock, and then he decided we should have a barbeque that evening. We only arrived home just after four, and I had to hurry up and make a huge container with a mixed green salad (lettuce, cucumber, gherkins, tomatoes, feta, carrots, mushrooms – why do they call it a green salad, anyway?), as well as potato salad (having to boil the potatoes, peel them, wait for them to cool down…) Needless to say, by the time I was finished, I was ready to either collapse or curl up into a little ball and lie in the middle of the bed, rocking myself and crying. But we got through the evening – I also laid the table full of snacks, and that’s no exaggeration – and at least it was enjoyable. I even cleaned afterwards, which made it look like no one had even been there.

Then, on the third, chaos struck. I couldn’t get out of bed. I had dizziness, nausea, cramps, a migraine, fever, all heightened to an absurd degree (needless to say, many tears were shed). I felt so bad about my being sick, I had my Significant Other go out for a spell to see his friends, although – bless him – he still decided to spend the evening with me in my not-too-glamorous state. I managed to get out of my pyjamas and plop in front of the television (it doesn’t matter where you’re ill, right?) and then we watched THE LION KING. What a way for him to end his vacation. My Significant Other’s vacation only started on the 24th of December, and lasted until the 3rd of January. This means that he had to go back to work on his birthday.

This being the case, I thought his birthday was going to be a flop. I killed my alarm at 5:30AM yesterday, got up… and flopped back into bed, nauseous. I fell asleep again (not having slept much throughout the night), and he went to work without me having made him some breakfast. The shame. We don’t have cacao, so I couldn’t bake the cake I wanted to. I ended up baking another cake, which I think flopped, since it’s pretty flat – not my fault, since their oven is broken, but I thought I might try my luck. I made chocolate mousse, which I didn’t think was going to set (luckily it did), and I ended up making something entirely else from what I had intended initially for supper. I think my Significant Other was overly grateful, yet it’s true: it is the thought that counts. The food was perfect, the mousse was divine, and looking at a picture I took, the cake doesn’t look half bad. I cut it out in the shape of Norbert Beaver, from that cartoon series we love so much, THE ANGRY BEAVERS.

Now here I sit today, on Tuesday the 5th of January, not exactly healthy again, but trying my best to fight the bloody germs. It’s my older sister’s birthday tomorrow, and I’d hate to be a party pooper. Or make her sick before she goes back to work next week, for that matter.




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5 01 2010

That sucks that you’ve been so sick. And possible endimetroisis? That REALLY sucks. I hope it turns out that’s not it. But I do hope they find whatever is going on with you, because not knowing also sucks.

Medicinal side effects are a real bitch, aren’t they?

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