Child’s Play

6 01 2010

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I believe I just might have found the way to a man’s heart. Or, perhaps the ‘modern’, technological man’s heart. Let’s call him Mr New Age.

When it comes to women, there are the clichés such as giving her flowers and chocolates, and that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. When it comes to men, we are told that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. But, as I have debated that a way to a woman’s heart is through her favourite cartoon show(s), I have come to believe that the actual way to a man’s heart… is through toys and gadgets (perhaps one reason why men in general seem to be so good with children…?)

How surprised were you to hear that? Probably not much.

Mr New Age is all about technology. He wants the latest, the greatest, the most fantabulous super-duper wow factor thingies there are (yes, I just used the word ‘thingies’). And if it has buttons, all the better. I’ll use my Significant Other as a case in point.

When Christmas came along last year, I was in my usual obsessive compulsive mode to get my shopping done early in order to avoid the mad rush at shopping malls *shudder* At this time, I was lucky enough to find a nifty little massager that fits nicely into the palm of one’s hand, and when you switch it on, the three little ‘feet’ it has – well, the whole thing, actually – starts to vibrate. This massager can be used all over one’s body, and because it fits so snugly onto one’s shoulder, I knew it would be ideal for my Significant Other, as he has constant shoulder and upper back pain. Now, not only does this little massager vibrate, it also has little red lights that turn on when you use it. Not that I was aware of this fact, yet it is needless to say that my Significant Other found it to be an added bonus. Go figure.

I also bought him (expensive) Almond Oil Hand Rescue Treatment… and, as an afterthought, something he was far more excited about than the two gifts I knew he needed and would appreciate. I should have known.

It was a small, solar powered sunflower that bobs its head and leaves when placed in the light.

The sunflower can also bob its bits when you lightly tick its head to one side, but that’s not the point. Point is, it was solar powered – something which seemed to amaze and amuse my Significant Other far more than it did me. And I bought this gift as an afterthought. I saw it in one of those little Chinese shops when I visited one with my mum, and it cost me very little. Not that the cost of a gift matters, but it really astounds me that something so simple, so childish, actually, could bring a grown man so much delight.

That’s nothing, though, compared to what I got him for his birthday.

My Significant Other, a true Mr New Age (plus he works in the computer industry, so what do you expect?) not only loves gadgets, but beautiful (expensive *cough*) cars. He dreams of owning a Lamborghini, preferably a Gallardo (Superleggera)… so I bought him a car for his birthday… A model car, that is. A downscaled version of his dream vehicle, sure, but he truly ‘freaked out’ when he tore the wrapping paper off of the box. The doors can open, the steering wheel moves, and you can open the boot – I swear, I thought he was going to kiss my feet, if I gave him the chance. I know a lot of detail goes into make these novelty toys, and that it looks like the genuine thing, only downscaled (severely), so that’s another point for me on the Keep Mr New Age / My Significant Other Happy meter.

Only thing now is, our two year anniversary is coming up in about a month’s time – what should I get him? What kind of toy or gadget could he possibly “need” now?

No wonder Pink Floyd sings: “Crazy… toys in the attic, I am crazy…”




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6 01 2010
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6 01 2010

I have no ideas for the Significant Other. But I have to agree with your topic–men really do love toys.

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