Scattered Brainings

8 01 2010

Because it just sounds so much more fun than “Random Thoughts”! 😉

* Today, I have been in a relationship for 23 months. I’m turning 23 in April; when I was much, much younger, I used to view people who were 23 and up as adults. Number 23 is one of my favourite films (crazy, mind-boggling stuff). I look at licence plate numbers and try to find 23, since watching the film (by adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing). Next thing you know, I’ll be doing a new activity every 23 minutes. What does this year hold in store for me?

* When I get upset, I get heart palpitations and struggle to breathe, and it’s only been like that for a year of two now. Why is that?

* I cannot remember the last time I had McDonalds, as I am NOT a fast food lover, yet today, my mother bought me a Happy Meal with a junior chicken burger, fries, and apple juice. Oh, and an Avatar toy. It truly made me feel like a kiddy (especially now that my hair is cropped).

* Thanks to aforementioned Happy Meal, it feels like I’m having heartburn, and a serious case of indigestion – leaving me feeling quite un-Happy. Can I ask for my (mother’s) money back…?

* Now that we have all kinds of 3D movies coming out, how cool would it be to be able to watch all the Harry Potter films like that? Imagine the fright you’d get during the Quidditch scenes!

* As I’ve been ill since the 1st of January, my system has undergone a bit of a detox (probably also because I haven’t had coffee in three weeks). As that is the case, I find that I no longer find snack food or treats very tempting. It actually makes me queasy just thinking about consuming them; my stomach literally rolled over – and almost played dead – when my Significant Other suggested we should buy ice-cream two days ago… And yet, now I’ve eaten McDonalds, a truly big no-no for my detoxed self. Think I just explained the heartburn to myself…

* My younger sister says she always knows when I’m home… by the Fall Out Boy tunes emitting from my room. Is it my fault she always wanders by or comes into my room at the exact time that one of their songs is on? I think not.

* I love Scooby-Doo. I’m sure you all (ought to) know this. Because of that, as well as the fact that my hair is now short and that I do have glasses, I’m really thinking of getting myself a Velma outfit. Sure, everyone thinks she’s nerdy, but she’s intelligent, and she really doesn’t look bad – they just make her wear that baggy turtleneck in the series as part of the cliché. Freddy’s the jock, Daphne’s the glam doll teen queen, and Shaggy’s the random, clumsy/ goofy yet loveable and funny guy. Scooby’s like the mascot *laugh* Hey, if Linda Cardellini could be Velma in the ‘real’ films (and she rocked it!), then so can I. Watch this space!




2 responses

8 01 2010
Matan Uberstein

Cool-Random! MI have to agree with you on the McDonalds, don’t like it at all and it gives one no nutritional value! So what’s the point of eating it then? Well, for most people it probably tastes good… … brb: Going out to get lunch… 😉

9 01 2010

Well here’s Shaggy!! Now we just need a Fred and Daphne, and ofcourse Scooby and we’ll have the whole gang. Like Zoiks! No wonder you have heartburn, you just ate what I call a Scooby snack!

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