Scattered Brainings III

2 03 2010

* My cheesecake-once-a-year policy has become null and void. I had cheesecake on the 31st of January, per tradition… but also on the 24th and 28th of February. My mum would be happy; cheesecake has plenty of kilojoules, after all.

* I finished a jar of peanut butter in six days. Five days, actually, as we were on the road for the whole of last Friday… A whole jar of peanut butter (!!!) It’s a miracle my arteries haven’t clogged up yet.

* Necessary road trips in ridiculously warm weather are no fun. We spent 3½ – 4 hours on the road, going to Ladysmith to attend the funeral of my Significant Other’s maternal grandmother. Naturally, we spent the same amount of time on the way back. My migraine was not happy about this.

* Speaking of my Significant Other, I’m getting him to watch a ton of the Disney classics. A while back he watched THE ARISTOCATS with me, as well as re-watching THE LION KING. More recently (within the last week or two), he has watched THE LITTLE MERMAID, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, CINDERELLA, ALADDIN, HERCULES, MULAN, POCAHONTAS and SLEEPING BEAUTY. Tonight he’ll be watching SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARVES, and if he’s up to it, we just might get to THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME, as well.

* I still don’t have a job. I’ve resigned myself to spending my days being a housewife of sorts. And to be completely honest, I quite like it. I entertain my kitten, keep things neat, prepare supper, read or do crosswords if I so desire, and spend my evenings chatting to or watching films/episodes with my Significant Other. What more could I want? …except a job, of course… Dang, this is truly frustrating!

* Smudgy loves biting my wrist. I think she’s trying to rekindle my suicidal tendencies. Either that, or she’s a zombie kitten out to get me.

* My wedding is next April, and I already have my dress. I ordered it at the end of October 2009, and it arrived here in SA about two/three weeks ago. We went to pick it up on Sunday, and it is absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous. We also bought a garter, ring pillow, and tiara. Plus my wedding is basically planned out completely in my notebook. Being obsessive compulsive has its advantages.

* My older sister is getting married on the 10th of April, and she still hasn’t decided whether or not she wants me to arrange a Kitchen Tea for her (said kitchen tea having to be in two weeks time). Why do they call it a kitchen tea, anyway? It seems a bit redundant… then again, you can have tea anywhere, and it’s not as if all your guests are going to fit into the kitchen. Unless you have an abnormally spacious kitchen, that is…

* Being at home all the time causes me to want to bake all the time. Cookies, fudge, brownies, pancakes, chocolate cake – I’ve made them all. I’d love to bake some scones or muffins, yet I do not have the equipment for it (‘equipment’ meaning the right pans). At least I’m not making cheesecakes; now that would get my weight up.

* I recently had a dream that I went for an interview at the Ancient Cultures department at Stellenbosch University, and that they gave me the job with much enthusiasm and jubilation. Also, in that same dream, while waiting to hear back from them, a young man struck up a conversation with me (although I didn’t say much); his friends – all male – sat at the table with us, although I certainly didn’t invite any of them. After speaking on my cell phone to the department, having found out the job was mine, the young man asked me for my number. I decided to give it to him… but also took off my engagement ring in front of them all… and I’m not sure if any of them noticed. After that, I woke up.

* I still haven’t seen THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG yet. Highly unhappy with myself about that. Perhaps I should drag my Significant Other along. After all, it is a Disney film – plus it forms part of the Princess collection.

* Last night, for some or other unfathomable reason, I couldn’t think of an animal that started with the letter ‘N’. Lying on the floor, I commenced to name animals starting with the various letters of the alphabet, laughing it up and creating ridiculous (conjoined and completely new) words, taking some things way out of context. When ‘N’ came up, I said ‘Nightingale’ without a moment’s pause. Funny how the mind works.

* My Significant Other bought me a great toy over the weekend. It’s a black cat in a purple cloak and witches hat. The cat holds a pumpkin in its paws… and when you press its one paw, it starts moving its head about, blinking its green eyes while the pumpkin commences to sing Black Magic Woman… best toy EVER!!! (I am a grownup I am a grownup I am a grownup……..)

* He also bought me two bunches of lilies – one light pink, one dark-ish orange. Lovely 🙂




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2 03 2010
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2 03 2010

Cheesecake is good for a few times a year. At least.

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