A girl can dream

19 03 2010

Remember that blog post I had, A bit of a Hermione, where I told you that I have about 300 books? Hmm, I still smile when I think about that: books, books, and more books… But let me not get ahead of myself.

I’ve always been a big fan of the Disney Classics, which is why I recently had my Significant Other watch a whole batch of them with me. In some ways I can see myself in CINDERELLA, what with my cleaning and scrubbing and ironing and whatnot – not that I am a slave (at least, not completely or always), but because of my obsessive compulsive habits. However, the Disney ‘Princess’ I most feel a connection with, is Belle from BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. Her yellow dress is absolutely gorgeous (my main wedding colour is going to be yellow), she has brown hair (I think now that my hair has been cut, it’s basically the same length as hers), she prefers to keep to herself and is seen as odd/ an outsider (know the feeling), and most of all: she loves books. Ah, yes, for the love of reading, and words strung together so perfectly and beautifully, oh how life is so grand…

Needless to say, when Beast takes her into the library as a surprise, the library that is to be her very own, I sigh with longing. What would it be like, to have an entire room filled with books? Latest copies, ancient tomes, first editions, hard covers, paperbacks… books, books, as far as the eye can see – in every nook and cranny, delight, oh heart, in me! A girl can dream, can’t she? Well, it seems like my dream is busy coming true…

From the 12th of April, my Significant Other will be working from home for a UK company. As such, he recently bought himself a beautiful desk (which took a few hours to assemble, mind you) and placed it in the room his brother recently vacated. That, in itself, is a story, as I literally scrubbed the walls and cupboards, washed the windows (inside and out) three times, and vacuumed the carpet like a crazy woman. In any case, we decided to turn that room into a sort of study cum library, where he can work and I can keep my books. We purchased four three-tier bookcases yesterday, which I assembled; went to my parental home, in order for me to fetch my books; and came back to the apartment, where I started sorting out everything in order to allocate them to the various shelves as I saw fit.

And you know what?

I didn’t have enough space!!

I had to stack some books on top of others, plus my older sister still has two or three of my novels. Looks like I’ll need a fifth bookcase… My birthday is just around the corner, and I’m hoping to receive a few more books as presents. Also, I’ll be taking care of a 9 year old girl next Tuesday, which will put some money in my pocket, and I’m already wondering whether or not it will be a good idea to purchase a book or two… or three, even…

Here you have it – my mini ‘library’:

Isn’t it lovely? Isn’t it won-der-ful?! 🙂

I even have an entire bookcase dedicated to Stephen King. Soon, I’ll have all his novels, and my collection will be complete. The only thing missing, is a signed novel (or, heck, a scrap of paper, I’ll settle for the least!) from the author. A girl can dream – and dreams are some of our greatest friends, as long as we are able to keep things in perspective.

Who knows, perhaps my novels, short story collections and poetry anthologies will appear on other people’s bookcases someday. Then again, that might only be wishful thinking…




3 responses

19 03 2010
Matan Uberstein

Awesome 😉

19 03 2010

Your library looks amazing! I wish I were so organized!

18 05 2010
We don’t need no education (?) « The Skinny on my Jeans (Genes)

[…] Not even my Stephen King collection can bring me solace; no comfort is to be found in my personal mini-library of over 300 tomes, and the thought decent novels just sitting there untouched and rejected […]

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