It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me…

25 03 2010

…and I’m feelin’ good 🙂

Even though my ovaries are pretty messed up, and my headaches have yet to dissipate despite the physiotherapy sessions I’ve been attending, I’ve been having a pretty great week. A real Do Good, Feel Good (DGFG) week.

I think I might be going into the wrong profession. The market over here isn’t at its best, plus I of course do not have any experience, which puts my chances for obtaining an interview in the negative. I do, however, now wonder whether I shouldn’t have gone into teaching, or rather working with young(er) children. Like being a kindergarten teacher, or working at a day-care centre… or even being a professional nanny. I get these romanticized pictures in my head of governesses, thinking back on my studies in English literature and how we looked at texts such as JANE EYRE. [Aside: Mia Wasikowska, who plays Alice in the 2010 Tim Burton film, is to play Jane in a new film adaptation. Cannot wait to see it!]

For some or other reason I have yet to fathom, children seem to find me utterly appealing. They like me… a lot. Case in point Tuesday, 23 March 2010, one of my DGFG activities of the week. I spent Tuesday looking after a lovely 9 year old girl (in Stellenbosch, no less) while her parents were attending conferences and the like. Put another way: I got paid to have fun, laugh, build a puzzle, take a dip in the swimming pool, eat plenty of cookies, talk/gossip/share, and take a walk down to the mall. How awesome is that?! From what I hear after spending the day with her, Bea (the girl) was quite enamoured with me, telling her mum that I look like a ballerina, and that the two of us get along very well. Also, her mother had no fears or worries whatsoever, leaving her daughter with someone she only met and talked to on the day for less than an hour. Perhaps it’s in my genes – after all, my mother is a teacher.

Yesterday (Wednesday), I spent the day at my parental home, washing the dishes, scrubbing the stove, and doing the ironing. Another DGFG activity. I also let my creative juices flow, making a few things on the computer (which I later printed out) for my older sister’s Kitchen Tea. Creativity is definitely something I gained genetically, and I am thus utterly thankful for my genes… for once… As I made the invitation for my sister’s Kitchen Tea, I also made my younger sister an invitation for her coming 19th birthday party. I just tweaked and changed a few things yesterday, then e-mailed it through to her for her approval. Not only did I do that (creatively), but I also made an ‘invitation’ for my fiancé, inviting him to have a romantic night in with me this coming Saturday. Regarding that, I’m sure I’m not the only one who will appreciate my DGFG vibes 😉

Today I shall be making a batch of lasagne for my older sister. She and her fiancé are going to have a meeting with the pastor this evening, which means that they will be arriving home late (after a long day, no less), and most likely won’t have much energy to prepare a meal at 8PM. I love making lasagne – it’s actually my mum’s recipe, but she always jokes that it’s actually my specialty. So if I can save my sister some effort, I am more than willing to prepare a meal for her – with lots of love, and gratitude as well, for all that she has done for me. Being able to do something for her, physically (besides listening, of course), truly makes me feel super duper good… Okay, perhaps I should have typed ‘great’ instead of ‘good’ there, but I’m just working with my ‘feel good’ sentiment here, so bear with my horrible syntax/grammar/whatever for a while.

I’m not sure what I’ll be doing tomorrow, yet I know that I shall find something to do that’ll make me feel good. The greatest DGFG activity of the week is yet to come, and I am quite euphoric jubilant ecstatic nervous anxious patient excited about it – my older sister’s Kitchen Tea on Saturday!! I’ll be sure to blog about it on either Sunday or Monday, and to add a few pictures. I just hope that she’ll like it…

Well, I best be off. Think it’s time to find more DGFG things to occupy my time with – and when you’re doing good and feeling good, it is always the best of times!

(Smudgy’s feel good face. Mommy always has time to play with her, feed her, give her lots of love, let her sleep next to/ on mommy, give her rubs/scratches when she wants affection… and to clean her litter box, of course. The joys…)




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