Scattered Brainings IV

8 04 2010

* So I’m finally 23. Whoopee… now the rest of the day can just get over with…

* My Significant Other recently bought himself a new car: a Honda Accord Executive (it’s an automatic). Now, I don’t know whether it’s because of the air-conditioning or not, but every now and then the inside of the vehicle smells like wet dog… I wonder why that is…

* There were two accidents in front of our apartment complex on Tuesday evening. Can’t these people drive?! It’s because they drive like maniacs or idiots, that’s why. I always just hope that I’m not on the receiving end in such a situation… or rather, that I never find myself in that situation… But people like crashing up outside our complex. It’s like having your own disaster network, or something of the like – drama, drama, drama (and the high-speed action too, of course).

* My sister’s wedding has me beat. I’m dead tired and sleep-deprived, yet I cannot stay asleep for long. I keep waking up during the night, wondering whether there’s anything else she might want me to do before this coming Saturday.

* I think I should become a personal assistant or a wedding co-ordinator, because that’s pretty much what I am for my older sister: from making the triangular table numbers and the table plan, baking 250 cookies and putting them in the fancy little bags, basically deciding how the wedding cupcakes must look, and finding a place to purchase a garter and wedding pillow to being the DJ and sitting in front of my laptop until 3AM in order to copy all of the music from CD onto my laptop (as well as my Significant Other’s computer). I also do kitchen teas and birthdays 😉

* We need to take Smudgy to the vet. She’s nearly four months old, and she’s never been there. Which is why we bought her a cat basket yesterday – but on the thing itself, it says picnic basket. Putting my cat into it makes me feel incredibly cannibalistic or something, in a way… Anyone for Calico kitten on rye?

* Speaking of Smudgy, she seems ‘afraid’ of water when she has to have a bath (although, truth be told, she is extremely well-behaved when having one), yet she climbs onto the kitchen counter to get to the sink, only to climb into it and stick her paw in the water constantly. Cats sure are bizarre critters.

* My Significant Other has decided to dub Smudgy’s litter box as her “Dung Box”. Because she has such a healthy bathroom routine, he says that she doesn’t just poop, but that she leaves mommy lots and lots of presents – a whole conglomeration of them. He just thinks the word ‘dung’ sounds better than ‘litter’… *roll eyes*

* My library had its first visitor and withdrawal last Sunday. A friend of mine was looking for a book or two to keep her busy in the evenings after work… thus, naturally, I couldn’t resist and had her take Stephen King’s THE DARK HALF along as one of her reads (the other two being THE END OF MR. Y by Scarlett Thomas, and THE HUSBAND by Dean Koontz). I couldn’t help it, since [a] I adore Stephen King’s work, and [b] I did my Honours project last year on THE DARK HALF.

* Perhaps I’m a little bit too organized and/or obsessive compulsive. My wedding date is set for 16 April 2011, and I already have: a wedding dress; guest book; garter; tiara; ring pillow (and box, just in case); the wedding car; the photographer; and (after a meeting next Saturday) the venue… Not to mention all my ideas for flowers, colour scheme, seating plan (guests already finalized), and the wedding cake (roughly). Now all I need is the finances.

* I’m seriously considering using my creative talents to make some money while I scout for a job (I’ve been searching for 5 and a half months with no luck). It was really fun to make everything for my sister’s kitchen tea and wedding (invites, table numbers and table plan, games to play at the kitchen tea, cookies and snacks). At least it keeps me busy, plus its fun. Smudgy seems to get a kick out of it, even though it frustrates the living daylights out of me when she’s on things I’m busy using.

* Seriously contemplating whether I should wake my Significant Other up… No chance of him bringing me even as much as a cup of tea in bed (whether it’s my birthday or not). Maybe it’s because I’m a female (stereotyping, I know) that I bring him breakfast in bed every day… although, come on, how hard can it be to make me a cup of tea?!

* I am definitely my father’s daughter, and in this case, having things run in the family and add to my genes is a good thing. Yesterday was my future father-in-law’s birthday, and as such, we spent the evening with the family at home (their home, of course). I helped my ‘2nd mother’ to put things into the oven and then to stack them onto plates. And believe me, did I pack out those snacks in neat arrangements! My father always does it, no matter what the occasion – everything had to look ‘right’ and ‘tasty/pretty’, while also working with flavours and colours. Whatever shall I be doing next? (I’m already using his, or should I say our, cookie recipe, among other things.)




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