Cat-day (as opposed to dog-day) blues

13 04 2010

I am an avid cat lover. So much so that I would like to incorporate cats into the ‘feel’ of my wedding, either by including them into the invitations or even on top of the wedding cake! But whether my kitten loves me at the moment is another story…

I’ll be first in line to admit that I am a bit odd. ‘Weird’, as my younger sister would say. My cat must wonder how she got such insane owners. Simple: we were looking for a kitten to call Smudgy, and when I saw her, my heart melted. And trust me, we couldn’t have found a stranger, more berserk cat than we did. At first I thought that she was intelligent, and that much is still true – but she uses her intelligent in the wrong way… like climbing onto the kitchen counter to see what I’m doing, or being extremely naughty and then running around like there’s lava lapping at her paws and the three-headed dog (Cerberus) from Tartarus not far behind. She also has a tendency to gnaw on one’s ankles… yet let me not dwell on her bad little habits. Let me rather tell you about this morning.

Smudgy is 4 months old, and she has yet to go for her first veterinary appointment. As such, we decided to take her to the Animal Anti-Cruelty League – it’s a good cause, after all, and they take good care of the animals. Poor Smudgy must have been wondering what she had done wrong this time in order for mommy to take her off of the warm bed and place her into the basket she bought a while ago. I knew I should have put her soft green blanket inside, but I didn’t think the road would be so bumpy, so I just put in a regular blanket. Once inside the moving car, she kept on meowing for a while, giving me her kitty eyes… or perhaps I should say puppy eyes – because even kittens can give you that sad, despondent look. I opened the lid of the basket in order to soothe and calm her, scratching her head and rubbing her smooth fur. And still she cowered against the side of the basket, her head lying on Tiggy (a little tiger toy she has).

Upon arriving at the AACL, I gave my Significant Other a look… one that said, “No, gods no, let’s get out of here now.” We got as far as looking inside the door of the AACL before exchanging glances and turning right around to get the heck out of there. I know that places like that are charitable organizations, and that what is being done there is for the welfare of animals, and that it is done with love… but I love my Smudgy, and there was no way I was going to let her go into that filthy, crowded, unorganized, dodgy-looking muddle. It actually made me feel dodgy/shady, as if I were going to leave her there to be ‘taken care of’, and then walk out the front door without looking back, scrambling to the car (which, in this scenario, would be standing in a dimly lit back alley in the darkest hours of the night) and speeding off, leaving a swirl of debris and trash fluttering in my wake.

When we got back into the car, I insisted on taking Smudgy out of the basket and keeping her on my lap, even though she seemed scared and she might claw the leather seats of my Significant Other’s new car. But this is how amazing cats are, you see: how adaptable they are. Okay, maybe ‘adaptable’, isn’t the word here, yet once she was out of the confining basket, Smudgy seemed better. I’ll admit that she shuffled around a bit while on my lap, poking her head into the crook of my arm/elbow as if to hide her face and gain comfort, but she remained calm for the most part. When we came nearer to home, I held her up in my arms to get a look at the outside world, and immediately the forlorn kitty eyes were going. Ever the curious cat, she seemed to sparkle, her keen eyes and ears taking in everything around her – and she stayed that way until we got home. I’ll rather take her to the Tygerberg Animal Hospital around the corner from our apartment and pay the money with a smile than keep worrying if she’ll come back ‘clean’ from the AACL… and I know that sounds mean/heartless *blush* Looks can be deceiving, and they sure got me.

I felt so sorry for her Sunday evening, as two cats from our apartment block came to sit outside our study window, staring at her. Both cats seemed friendly, and I went outside to pet them, even though the one was a bit shy. But the other one… geez… I think it must have been a male cat, because it kept sitting up and hissing at Smudgy, who was on the other side of the window. Smudgy was agitated, walking in circles, meowing a bit pathetically – her frustrated sound, as my Significant Other says – and commenced to bite my fingers, attack my hand and arm, nearly decapitate one of her toys (I think it might have been Tiggy)… She looked so depressed. She’s the new kid on the block, and the other cat was just coming to lay down the law and let her know who’s the tip top tom cat and who’s the closed in kitten under mommy and daddy’s protection *sigh* The animal kingdom: you’ve gotta’ love it.

Here at the apartment, my Significant Other always shows the cat who’s the dominant one (between the two of them? Him, supposedly). But he keeps forgetting that, in this household, I am actually the dominant one. I’ll hiss and claw if I have to, and I’m tough when I need to be, but if you handle me the right way, with a lot of love and care, I’m as docile as a kitten…

…Smudgy, however, is only docile when she’s sleeping. And that’s if we’re lucky.




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13 04 2010
Liske van Lill

when she’s had her fill of kisses from mommy, she puts her paw on my mouth! 🙂

13 04 2010


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