Thank you for the music

14 04 2010

Disney movies are the best. As I’ve told you, I’ve been watching all of their animated classics of late, which made me both nostalgic and whimsical for younger days… The only thing is, the songs have a way of getting stuck in your head. Good or bad? I’ll let you decide.

Imagine how it must feel to wake up in the morning with You can learn a lot of things from the flowers whispering in your mind. It’s been so bad that I come around dazed, as though I am still in a dream-like state – the music has infiltrated my dreams, and many times I cannot remember my dreams, although I always end up feeling slightly bizarre, frazzled, and (justly, I believe) even a bit concerned. I don’t even want to think how long the songs from ALICE IN WONDERLAND stuck… alas, now that I have mentioned it, it’ll probably plague me for the next day or two.

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST is lovely to have for background music in one’s noggin. Blame it on the fact that I fancy myself a kind of Belle (with my love for books)… even though Cinderella would be more apt, in my case… Still, the songs are great, and the lyrics are good fun, especially between Gaston and Lefou. SLEEPING BEAUTY is also nice, but in this case, it is not the singing that gets me, but rather the dramatic music – classical, which I like. My older sister used the Tchaikovsky (piano) track where Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip descend the stairs and walk into the room where their parents sat sleeping. Wonderful decision on my sister’s part; I preferred her choice over the conventional wedding march.

Oh, and let me not forget to mention ANASTACIA – I even have a Barbie doll of the title character! In the dark of the night comes stomping along quite pleasantly every now and again, which is enjoyable (as is If you can learn to do it). As coincidence would have it, ANASTACIA was the film in which I fell in love with John Cusack… or rather, his voice. Because the voice fit the character (the way the voice sounded in relation to the character’s physical appearance as well as personality and mannerisms), I was keen to learn who the actor was, and from there my love and adoration for Mr Cusack grew. What a great actor J

A new favourite of mine, one I don’t mind constantly blowing its swingin’ horn in my ears, is the soundtrack from THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG. I love it so much, I even have the soundtrack on my laptop! My Significant Other must think that there is something seriously wrong with me (or perhaps no more than usual) as I play it on a regular basis. The music just has such a feel-good quality to it… I think I like it so much because I love jazz music. New Orleans has such an amazing vibe and lively culture, one cannot help but fall in love with it. The rhythm, the blues, the riverboats, Mardi Gras, every little detail bursting from the seams with vitality. The film kept me thinking about Tennessee Williams and his play A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE (1947). What a play… granted, I don’t care much for Blanche DuBois, yet her character is well-written. Does anybody else find it clever that the trumpet-playing, lovable alligator is called Louis Armstrong? Like the American jazz singer/ trumpeter. Clever reference slipped in for ‘older folks’ to catch (yes, I’m only 23, but in relation to kiddies, I’m one of the ‘older folk’ – part of the dreaded Grown-up Gang).

I’d like to have jazz playing at my wedding. Just some mellow, relaxed, soulful tunes – I might even throw in some songs from the soundtrack of THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG for good measure *laugh* I can picture it already, me in my wedding dress, cutting a rug and getting all classy with my dance moves. Perhaps I should try to talk my Significant Other into it…

I actually have my own Disney Princess dress. Not that it matches any of the dresses that the princesses wear. It is simply a dress my Significant Other bought me a while ago: a beautiful gold halter-neck dress that reaches to the floor, all glitz and glitter. I can’t wait to put my tiara in my hair and take a few pictures wearing that dress. It might not be similar to the dress Belle wears, but the colour is close enough. I’ll post some pics on my blog once I’ve played princess (for some reason, I’m thinking about Dr. Facilier at the moment, the part where he sings: “Are you ready? Are you r-e-aaa-d-y? Transformation central” – it sure will be a transformation!)

In the meantime, I’ll just thank Disney for bringing me the music that I find both endearing and annoying – sometimes simultaneously. Like Abba sings, “Thank you for the music, the songs I’m singing. Thanks for all the joy they’re bringing!” (Thank you for the music). Oh, and here’s a temporary Princess picture of me. I know the dress looks black, but it’s actually teal – the lighting made the colour come out all wrong. It’s the dress I wear for my sister’s fairy themed wedding. Each of us has Princess/Prince potential; all you’ve got to do is “dig a little deeper!!” 😉




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14 04 2010

Your not crazy… Most of my wedding music will be coming out of the Movie ” Enchanted” . I also love love LOVE disney movies! And I absolutely ADORE “The Princess and the Frog”

15 04 2010

I do not know, I do not know

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