Scattered Brainings V

29 04 2010

* It’s been a bit tedious with the internet being loopy the last three days or say. There was so much I wanted to/ could have blogged about, but I wasn’t willing to type an entire entry via my cell phone.

* Smudgy is becoming more of a loveable cat, especially, I believe, since her trip to the vet. It’s adorable when your cat comes and snuggles up next to you on or inside the bed… the only problem is, Smudgy likes sleeping right next to my face. Cat in face = problems breathing. Still, it’s so adorable when she does it, that I even consider not moving her away.

* Remember my post about my dentist, and that I mentioned that there’s a picture with birds on the ceiling right above the ‘operating’ chair? I counted them again today – there are either 53 or 54. I’m not completely sure which it is. It’s difficult watching the ceiling while the dentist is hovering over you with the drill.

* Speaking of the dentist, don’t you think that having a dead (or numb, rather) cheek, lip and tongue feels especially weird? Or how does it feel to you when a tooth is being drilled? It feels kind of ‘ticklish’, if teeth or said to be able to feel thus. Makes my mouth want to twitch, although I’m sure the dentist and his assistant won’t have the faintest idea what I am smiling about. Did I mention that I’m going back again next week? How joyous.

* My Significant Other and I watched THE MATRIX two evenings ago – and it’s still as great as ever… I must admit, however, that I am dreading the next two instalments. I nearly fell asleep in the cinema while watching the 2nd film, and I’m not quite sure if I ever even saw the third one.

* I went for a job interview on Monday (finally). Apparently another candidate as well as myself has been shortlisted to come in for a second interview sometime next week. It’s really exciting, yet extremely ironic at the same time, as my laparoscopic surgery takes place on the 11th of May, after which I’ll be home in bed for at least a week. And, I am sure, the company I applied at wanted to fill the position yesterday already (yes, I’m exaggerating), so employing someone who can only start at the end of May isn’t ideal on their part.

* Finalizing everything for your wedding venue isn’t easy. There are two venues I am looking at – one gave me misinformation, which causes me to feel a certain amount of doubt and scepticism towards them; the other still has to get back to me, this after I e-mailed them on Monday evening. The only catch with the first place is that, if I want to get married in April in the main hall, all the Saturdays are already booked, so it’ll have to be on a Sunday. Now ask yourself, honestly: how many people will want to attend to a Sunday wedding, and how many people will actually stay until 12PM?

* My wedding invitations are basically done (OCD at its best). My fiancé and I were playing about on the computer yesterday, and with his help – thank you, Sweetheart! – I managed to create something quite lovely.

* I think I’m falling apart. Either that, or I have too many ailments for someone my age (23). Knee pain; neck pain; shoulder pain; abdominal pain (which is excruciating, I might add, especially when it comes my ovaries); headaches/ migraines; feeling carsick (of late); claustrophobia……

* There’s a reason why certain films don’t make it to the silver screen – DONKEY XOTE (an animated film) springs to mind as I am making this statement. Go ahead and watch it, if you want to test the validity of my statement… or don’t, rather. Spare yourselves.

* I’m in the mood for a cupcake… a big, moist vanilla cupcake, decorated with delicious, colourful icing and topped off with cute little sprinkles… *sigh* There’s no hope for me, is there?

* I rarely drink at all, and if I do it’s usually a glass of light rosé, yet I must admit that cosmopolitans are exquisite. I suppose it depends, of course, on who’s serving you the cocktail – after all, not all places get it right, and you don’t need to be a barman to be able to whip up a decadent drink. My compliments, thus, to Clive, who made me the best cocktail ever last Saturday. Being friends with him could be dangerous for my levels of alcohol consumption.

* Okay, so here it is, as promised: a picture of me in my Disney Princess dress. There are two things I don’t like about the dress… or rather, about me wearing the dress: (1) my behind looks quite large in it [at least according to myself]; and (2) the pleats – or whatever they are – around the middle aren’t very flattering, as I believe they draw attention to one’s midsection, and as a result make me look a bit fatter. Still, it’s a pretty dress, and I’m sure that it isn’t the problem (which means, of course, that I am – perhaps I just don’t have the sleek, slender build for it).




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