For my older sister

1 05 2010

I come from a home where I was (and still am) the middle child. I grew up between two sisters, both of them spontaneous and loving, clever and enthusiastic, with a gung-ho attitude towards life, and great people skills that I would only muster up the courage to use later on in life. We all grew up in the same home – we were all raised the same, we were taught the same values, we played together and we dreamed together. Yet, as is life’s inevitability, none of us turned out the same, and if we did, how interesting would life be?

It’s not easy ‘giving’ your sister ‘away’. I’ve been my older sister’s personal assistant, general advice counsellor (specializing, at times, in relationship issues, though I do not pretend to be wise on the subject), good friend, time-to-time enemy, a confidant and dependent shoulder – in other words, a patient ear, and an all around helper, if I must be humble about it.

The ‘giving away’ I am mentioning here refers to fact that my big sis is now married; has been for nearly an entire month now. The honour thus fell upon me, as her maid of honour/ head bridesmaid, to give a little speech about my parents and my sister. I did a lot of research, as far as speeches are concerned… Not that it’s difficult to say a few words, but how does one say the same thing without it sounding cliché (which is how things usually turn out)?

Thinking about it, I knew that each person at her wedding reception had their own happy memories about and feelings towards her. I could have pointed out her strengths, talking about her personality and then merely going on to wish her and her husband all the best for their time together. Yet I chose, instead, to share a few of my favourite memories with/ of her – and I could see that it truly meant the world to my sister.

So here we go: some of my favourite recollections of time spent with my older sister, who is more than a sister – she’s a good friend and dependable person, as well. I love you, sis ❤

* Monday mornings on the Rooi Plein in Stellenbosch, drinking hazelnut coffee and eating a huge cookie from DCM.

* Our Tuesday movie dates at the Eikestad Mall in the afternoon. Sometimes, afterwards, we would have coffee and cake at Mugg&Bean, otherwise we would have a cappuccino/something to drink on the balcony at my res while she waited for the traffic to subside before heading home. Mind you, after watching DÉJÀ VU and SILENT HILL, she vowed that I would never be allowed to select the film again (something she also vowed on a previous birthday of hers after we watched THE DEPARTED).

* Evenings in the living room, mattresses laid out on the floor, watching a Pokémon film (yes, we were young). She always made me a little snack bag with a Bar One and packet of Simba Fruit Chutney crisps.

* Crawling into her bed while she got ready for work (this was when she was still in the hotel industry). Sometimes I’d fall asleep in her bed after she left, all cosy and snuggled up.

* Being spoilt with delicious goodies she brought from the hotel.

* A shared love of LOLcats 😉

* Just the way she laughs… especially when she catches a joke/ insinuation late!

* How much she loves my sweet carrots, which I always have to make when we go to visit them, or vice versa.

* The Halloween comedy showcase where they asked my sister for her ID! Plus the fact that, after one drink, she thought I was knackered (drunk/ tipsy) due to a misunderstanding between us. We were sitting by a step, so I wanted to go down that step, then turn around the corner and go to the bathroom. She, however, thought that I was going to go out through another door where there was no step, which is why she kept telling me, “But there is NO step!”

* Our road trip to Knysna when my younger sister (then 14) and I (then 18) went to visit my sister and her then-boyfriend. There were road works, we weren’t moving for the longest time, and my younger sister and I had stuffed animals – it only seemed logical that we made them dance to the music that was playing in the car, the two of us hiding so that the people behind us wouldn’t see us. That must have been one of the most embarrassing moments in my older sister’s entire life (which, at that time, span all of 21 – and almost a half! – years).

* One Christmas, when we were v-e-e-e-r-y little, and the Little Drummer Boy. That’s all I’m willing to divulge…




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3 05 2010

Love you sis! xx

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