I’ll Admit (Part I)

1 05 2010

I’ll admit:

* The 3rd MATRIX film wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be – in fact, I quite enjoyed it. I had been dreading watching it after seeing the 2nd film again, which wasn’t very ‘wow’ to me. Yet I still cannot come to terms with how the film saga ends. I understand why they did it, blah blah et cetera, but… I don’t know… that doesn’t mean I have to like it.

* I <Heart> Richard Horvitz + Nick Bakay. Don’t know who they are? These two talented men are voice over actors – the former voicing Daggett from THE ANGRY BEAVERS, and the latter voicing Norbert from the same show. You also may recall Mr Bakay from the SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH television series – he’s the genius who voiced Salem the cat. What I am sure you didn’t know, however, is that Mr Horvitz voices (1) Zim from INVADER ZIM; (2) Billy from THE GRIM ADVENTURES OF BILLY & MANDY; (3) quite a few others shows you might now that you can check out here; and (4) to my delight and great surprise, although now I keep hearing the voice in my head, Alpha 5 from MIGHTY MORPHIN POWERRANGERS… I believe some exclamation marks are in order: !!!!!!!!

* It’s time to find a new dentist. My entire jaw is in agony after my visit there on Thursday. My mouth only started de-numbing after four or so hours, and to top it all off, he worked on the wrong tooth *exasperated sound*

* I like being at home all the time. Having a job where I only arrive home late in the evening will make me feel pretty weird. Wish I could find a work-from-home job… And I’ll miss my cat while I’m away for most of the day, too.

* I just want the laparoscopy to be over. I don’t want to have to worry about my ovaries, or why I’m feeling ill and ‘icky’, and if there’s anything wrong with me or not. I just want to be ‘normal’, hormonally, whatever that might mean.

* Having uncapped internet isn’t particularly fantastic. It’s great for my Significant Other, who works from home, but it’s pretty much the same for me – it’s not like I’m watching YouTube videos or anything of the like now. And I’ll admit, as well, that now that we have uncapped, my Significant Other spends a great amount of time watching YouTube videos and such things on the television in the evening, which means that (1) I spend a great deal on my own (which I do during the day, as well, as he should not be disturbed while he’s working); and (2) I stay up much later in order to still be awake when he gets into bed, yet tend to give up the ghost sometime between 1AM and 2AM (although it has been later once or twice).

* I have pretty random thoughts – or scattered brainings, as I call them – at times. For instance: why does one get fake fingernails one can put on, but not fake toenails? Aren’t people worried that others might have a look at their toes? Don’t they want to make them look prettier or at least healthier (but not longer, goodness no)?

* My cat is spoilt, even though she tries my patience at times. She isn’t spoilt a great deal, but it’s definitely more than enough. Oh, and I take too many pictures of her – I have nearly 3000 on my laptop already. Perhaps I truly am busy turning into a cute crazy cat-lady.

* Being able to quote substantially from a kiddies cartoon show (read: ANGRY BEAVERS) just might not be healthy… but it works great as an inside joke or special form of communication between my Significant Other and myself.

* The whole Love Thy Neighbour concept, although possible, can become severely difficult at times… especially if they keep murdering playing ‘practising’ their electric guitar ALL. DAY. LONG. … If only I could Stun the guy…

* Sleeping on a single bed with my Significant Other is wearing me out (it’s been nearly 5 months already). We need a double bed, and soon, because the whole sleeping-on-my-side-on-the-tiniest-smidge-of-the-bed isn’t working for me anymore. Plus we have a cat that comes to bundle up on the bed, as well, and I don’t want to squish her.

* Hanging out with my mum is awesome 🙂




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