Rest assured (?)

5 05 2010

Everybody has their weird little habits… I’m trying to think of one or two, but right now, I’m coming up with zip… but you know what I’ve just stated is true. Whether you cannot bring yourself to go to the bathroom at work (you know what I mean), need to sing your cat a silly new song you made up, or have to consume half a bag of jellybeans before going to bed, that’s your little bit of weird for the day.

Lately, I’ve had a new weird habit… and I know that my Significant Other does not approve of it.

I get up sometime during the night – typing ‘in the middle of the night’ would feel a bit cliché – and go to the study. Nothing unusual about that, you might say; if I cannot sleep, why not go to the study and read a bit until feeling sleepy? That would be a logical argument. The thing is, though, I don’t really do any reading.

I go to sleep there…

…or fall asleep there, rather. I’ll have to explain.

I love cold weather. You all ought to know that by now. And since it started raining yesterday, I’ve been in my element, happy and cosy. The few nights before that were also quite chilly, and being the cold lover I am, what would fit better into this scenario than warming your feet (slipper-clad, I might add) by the heater while reading a book? My Significant Other doesn’t care much for heaters. I understand his point: once you turn it off or walk out of the room, you’re colder than before (or feel so), causing you to want to return to the warmth and comfort – and if you have to leave the apartment and enter the chill of soon-to-be winter, you might get sick.

Nevertheless, he indulges my heater dependency since I spend most of the time in the apartment (during the working week) anyway. In these nightly excursions of mine, when I cannot sleep, or at times cannot sleep comfortably next to my SO on the bed, I go sit in the study, taking the heater with me, and turn it on to heat myself. I have a spare duvet in there, which originates from my university days while I still lived in one of the residences. While in the study, I’ll go sit on that, or snuggle into it, and then, once I’m comfortable or drowsy enough, turn off the heater and fall asleep… right there… on the floor.

I tried this morning, at 5AM, not to do it, yet I couldn’t help myself. It was either lie awake until who knows when, or try to fall asleep while reading a book in the study. Who wouldn’t opt for the latter…?

I know sleeping on the floor doesn’t sound very comfortable, even when you’re doubled up in a duvet and have two pillows to rest upon. But believe me, it is – in our apartment, it truly is (or maybe my brain/body just tells me that because it’s merely thankful to get some more sleep). When I get up after a few hours, I feel rested. I don’t particularly have any aches or pains (no more than usual, at least), and Smudgy has gotten used to mommy’s strange behaviour.

But don’t think that she’ll come sleep next to me, oh no. She did it the one evening, and she was purring the following morning, but the other few times she would just watch me from under the table, having a lie-down there for a while, perhaps dozing a few minutes, before leaving the room to sleep on either (1) my director’s chair or (2) the bed. Spoilt little cat, doesn’t want to sleep on the floor…

…unless she’s huddled against the bed, a bit of the duvet hanging off and covering her, and then she suddenly lashes out, resulting in a deep gash on mommy’s finger (something Smudgy managed to accomplish without really trying).

Good morning - did I startle you...? Are you awake? I need my noms.




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5 05 2010
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