Sometimes I wonder

7 05 2010

* I wonder if I’m cut out for the publishing industry. Can’t one see the fact that I’m not really getting anywhere in my six month search for a job as a sign?

* I wonder whether my cat will learn how to open the tap by the kitchen sink. She loves sitting by the sink, and when I open the tap just the slightest bit for her, she climbs into the sink and starts licking the water as it comes falling down. She even tries to hold it steady with her paw! If she does learn how to do it, I simply hope that she doesn’t flood the apartment… It would be worth it, though…

* I wonder why I even bothered watching all the Invader Zim (kiddies show) episodes. In actual fact, the programme is quite disgusting. What’s with all the pigs the whole time? And why does everything have to be so… greasy and over-exaggerated and… and… just plain icky? His little robot, G.I.R., is stupid and annoying… but I love mimicking him. My Significant Other says I sound just like him, and I’m not sure whether that is a good thing or not. Perhaps I only watched it all because Richard Horvitz voices Zim.

* I wonder if the next HARRY POTTER installment will live up to fans’ expectations. I know I’m pretty excited to see what the director makes of it. I’ve been trying to play Guess-Who-Dies-In-The-Last-Book with my Significant Other, yet for some reason he isn’t very keen to participate. Spoilsport.

* I wonder how tonight’s soup is going to turn out. My SO has promised to make butternut soup, and I’m keeping him to that promise. In the (tomorrow) 27 months we’ve been together, he has never made me soup, which is something he promised to do a long, long, l-o-o-o-n-g time ago.

* I wonder what I should do with my hair for my wedding day. Yes, it’s 11 months away, and yes, I’m being obsessive compulsive again (as per usual), but I’ll have to start going for trials if I want things to end on a happy note, and not with me being even more stressed and obsessive and neurotic than usual when there’s only one month left until the big day and… I don’t even want to think about it… Maybe I should just do my own hair. Wouldn’t that be super…

* I wonder why I feel obliged to always wish everyone I have on Facebook a happy birthday. I have a thing about birthdays, you see, a great big compulsion (yes, another one) – I even have a calendar against my wall placed there to serve that one purpose of ensuring that I never, ever, ever forget someone’s birthday. Could it be that I’m just a little bit too nice? How close can one still be to someone you haven’t seen in years? My feeling is, it doesn’t hurt being nice, so I’ll just keep on doing it until I get tired of the constant message barrage. That, or if I forget…

* I wonder just how much my laparoscopic surgery this coming Wednesday is going to hurt. Probably not a lot, although having a fear of blood and needles and sharp pointy things and feeling suffocated/ claustrophobic tend to count against me.

* I wonder whether green tea truly is as good for you as the elusive, all-encompassing ‘They’ claim. Children usually don’t like broccoli and stuff, right? And yet they are told that it is good for you. Ergo, if green tea doesn’t taste great to a lot of people, and the ‘experts’ say it’s good for you, then you ought to drink it. Luckily I like green tea, so some such kind of debate doesn’t bother me much (even though, you might point out, I started it).

* I wonder why, as I titled this blog post “Sometimes I wonder”, I still feel compelled to start every point with “I wonder”. Simply seems more effective that way, I would imagine. Or I don’t particularly care. Either way, my fingers are busy typing, and being productive – even if it is only to blog a bit of nonsense – is always a good thing indeed 🙂

And I wonder if I could have seconds, please...? Had some of this cheesecake last Saturday - so delicious!




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