It’s the weekend…

14 05 2010

…now what?

I’ve reached a point in time where I’m uncertain what exactly to do with myself. So it’s another weekend – ho hum, and all that jazz. Life isn’t too thrilling when you feel like a bit of a sponge.

I don’t have an income – obvious enough, as I don’t have a job. I’ve been working on it, but from reading my blog, you all know how that’s going. I’ve been staying with my Significant Other for five months now. At the beginning of March, his brother moved out, which means that my SO has been paying all the rent, the food, petrol expenses, my study loan… yip, you’ve got it: everything. If that isn’t enough to make me feel like a sponge (at least partially), then I don’t know what is. From the babysitting and ironing and what-not I’ve done, I’ve saved quite an amount, yet that had to contribute to the deposit we had to pay for our wedding venue.

Pretty fountain-thingy in the venue's garden.

I’ll be applying for an internship, one that’ll allow me to ‘work’ in the publishing industry for half a year while earning a meagre stipend at the end of each month. While that’s great and all – gaining experience – how is that going to help me pay my half of the rent? And my study loan? How am I going to be able to contribute any money at all to the wedding and honeymoon, which is less than a year away?

It’s the weekend, and that makes me feel depressed. Because when you’re unemployed, weekends become redundant or irrelevant. The only difference between the week and the weekend is that my SO isn’t working from 10AM till 6:30PM… although he will be working sometime this weekend, in order to generate a bit of extra income. Every cent helps, after all.

There’s actually a birthday get-together a few of our friends are hosting at a restaurant this evening. We could attend that, yet it doesn’t seem likely. I’ve tried to stay off the Myprodol for most of the day, having only had two about an hour ago. Yesterday I had eight, and the day before that eight as well. I’m sure that I won’t be any fun to have around as company if I’m plagued with shoulder and chest pain. Plus I don’t want to sit there knowing that people feel sorry for me. That would make me a very s-a-a-a-d panda…

That’s another thing: I’ve been watching too much SOUTH PARK with my Significant Other. He simply loves the show, and I’ve noticed – more so now after watching the first three seasons – that his sense of humour is one big S.P. quotation… despite knowing that, it doesn’t make him any less funny. Seeing exactly what happens during those scenes he loves to quote randomly, making them fit in with the situation, makes me laugh so much now that it makes my chest hurt, causing me more pain, but it’s something I can take. At least I’m laughing.

So, now that it’s the weekend, I suppose I’ll just keep doing what I’ve been doing all of this week: watching S.P., taking Myprodol, preparing meals, and try not to strain myself too much. Perhaps I could try to venture out of the apartment and go visit my parents – I’m sure I’ll survive the 15-20 minute drive. And if I don’t… at least I got out of here! I’ve been stuck in here since Tuesday evening… and cabin fever is certainly something I don’t want to catch.

(At least Smudgy seems to be calmer and sweeter. Maybe she does have an affinity with me – animals are said to be therapeutic, so here’s hoping.)

South Park character I created of myself with a FB application (although this was some time ago) - try it 🙂




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15 05 2010
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