The Love of my Life

17 05 2010

Last year, for a while at least, I used to write a sort of ‘soap opera’ on my Significant Other’s Facebook wall – something which amused his uncle greatly, and which is the actual reason I wrote it.

Now, you get couples that profess their undying love for one another each and every day in quite a nauseating manner, put out there on display for all others to see and read (and one cannot help but read it, believe me). As such, I decided to play on that, but in a jocular fashion, taking the most mundane everyday activity and turning it into an ‘enthralling’ instalment in a saga. The entry for 22 June 2009 reads, for example:

“Today on The Love Of My Life, Kitten* is waiting patiently for everything to fall in place, so that she can finish the Secret Project. It should only take her a day, but things are out of her hands – she only hopes that those she has entrusted will deliver. Will she receive the folder tomorrow, which will then enable her to finish the project? Or will the suspense linger on until the weekend? […we hope not…] Make sure that you don’t miss the next episode of The Love Of My Life – because love is something you just cannot go without…” [* author’s real name not used.]

In all seriousness, though: my Significant Other truly is the Love of my Life, if such a person or ‘entity’ truly exists, and fills my days with far more hope, love, laughter and happiness than I ever could have imagined. Thus I give you, dear readers, one of the most recent pictures of myself with my Significant Other, taken exactly one month ago. If I can hold onto the smile I have on my face here forever, even on the darkest of days, love certainly is a saving grace in life.

"I'm glad there is You..."




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17 05 2010
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