And the award goes to…

18 05 2010

Just when you think that life is letting you down, you find another reason to keep your chin up and smile.

When I started this blog, I didn’t think much would come of it. Not much really has, truth be told, but at least it’s better than in my early days. I was home – ‘home’ still being my parental home at that time, and not ‘home’ which is the apartment now – one day in March last year, sitting in my bedroom, wanting something new to do, some excitement, when I suddenly thought, ‘hey, maybe I should start blogging’. Not for a set audience, although having readers is truly lovely, but simply to keep myself writing a little something on a regular basis.

Things didn’t pan out very well in the Beginning. I started my blog on Friday the 13th of March, and things were all right as I made entries on the 15th of 16th of March. After that, I got caught up in my university assignments and research, only returning to make one entry on 14th of May, and one entry on the 21st of September… That’s right, loyal readers: September. After that I vowed to blog more often… the fact that classes finished at the end of October didn’t hurt, either, so I managed to put in eight blog entries during October. Determined to make amends for my blogosphere absence, I took up the NaBloPoMo challenge, blogging every single day during the course of November. In the following months my blog postings were scattered, but at least this time I was skipping months.

Fourteen months have passed since my very first blog entry, and although I skimped on my entries initially, I still managed to reach a total of 1520 views on my blog – amazing! We’re talking about no views during April, June, July and August of 2009, only a total views of 42 for March, May, and September (still 2009) combined. It’s no surprise that my best month up until now has been November 2009 (351 views!) since I spent every day blogging. I only hope that I can keep my readers entertained and happy from here on out. So far, so good… right?

Now, there are a few reasons to have my feelings sloshing about in the murky gutter-water nowadays. No job, undergoing an operation, financial insecurities… But then I find myself, on a day like today, a chilly yet clear-skied day in late Autumn, with a smile of appreciation and – dare I say it? – hope brightening up my day.

I have been awarded the “Versatile Blogger” award by a blogster friend of mine (at least, I believe I can count her among my friends). She stumbled upon my blog awhile back, and asked me to check out hers. Turns out, in this oh-so-small world we live in, she is the sister of one of my newly acquired friends (who is the wife of one of my Significant Other’s friends, a fellow he used to work).

I’d like to thank Ms BillyJeanJane for honouring me with such an award, and I shall try my best to keep living the blogger’s dream… and not succumbing to bouts of Bloggers Block. So, let’s get to the fun part. It has been brought to my attention that certain rules must be complied after receiving and accepting this award.

First, you must thank the blogger/ blogster who sent the award your way. Check 😉

Second, you must share seven things about yourself:

(1) I think I’m ‘stuck’ in childhood, as I mainly prefer to watch cartoon shows… but not a ‘bad’ kind of childhood. I don’t like watching all these crappy ‘new-aged’ kiddies shows that make no sense or appeal to the computer-playstation-xbox-blackberries technology wonder-era kiddies. Just give me THE ANGRY BEAVERS, INVADER ZIM, and old classics like CONAN, TINY TOONS, GARFIELD and WISHBONE any day.

(2) I love cheesecake, and I love peanut butter. If anybody bakes me a peanut butter cheesecake, I shall be indebted to you for the rest of my life… if I don’t die from sheer happiness first, that is.

(3) I sincerely believe that clowns aren’t funny, and they know they’re not funny, but they go on doing what they do day after miserable day, of their own free will (!)… and that is what scares me about them. Not Pennywise from Stephen King’s novel IT.

(4) I seem to have grown quite fond of potatoes in the last few years. Spuds, potato bake, wedges, chips (or crisps), mashed potatoes… perhaps, if I were a super-hero, that would be my weakness. Then again, perhaps not, because how lame would that be?! :-/

(5) No, I have never been on a roller coaster ride, and I don’t intend on doing so in the near future. I’m just not interest. The closest I’ve come to the rides in Ratanga Junction was when I worked there making candyfloss (yes, it’s true – I was a candy floss girl).

(6) “Prestidigitation” is a tricky word to type when you’re in a hurry, yet I love getting all mixed up. One of my favourite words to spell is “miscellaneous”. I own about twelve or thirteen dictionaries – would you expect any less of me? (No verbal requests for spelling words aloud, though, please.)

(7) I’m currently busy reading a Mills & Boon Historical novel. There, I admit it. It’s a far reach from my usual Stephen King, but my mum got it with a magazine, and there’s nothing better for me to do anyway, so why not laugh and cringe at the descriptions? At least it amuses me, and keep my somewhat feminist side intact.

Then, finally, you must pass the award on to five blogs you’ve recently found and deem worthy of receiving this award. Since Ms BillyJeanJane bestowed this award upon me, I suppose that I cannot pass it along to her, much as I want to… so I’ll make her an honorary recipient, and thank her for her great blog J So here they are, my recipients (in no particular order):

(1) Baglett (absolutely LoVe it!)

(2) Sophisticated Side Ponytail (I’m still working on getting my side ponytail to look sophisticated, but the blog is lovely)

(3) [pageslap] (I love these entries, check under her “Best of Pageslap” tab: I am not a crazy cat lady; Collars for cats; I can haz the best day evar; and Flash webpage animation)

(4) Zodi’s Blog (I’ve read a few entries, pretty good)

(5) Ransom Noble – Writer (can you blame me? I hope to be a writer, too, after all… someday…)

Thank you, and, good day.




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18 05 2010
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19 05 2010

1) Old fashioned cartoons & animation movies ROCK!!
2) I’ll try my best…
3) Ever noticed how clowns make babies cry…?
4) Potato Girl! 🙂
5) Highly overrated
6) Prestidigitonium! – Movie? 🙂
7) I LOVE historical romance novels! They’ve always got very strong leading ladies. Sisters are doing it for themselves!

Love you sis! And I’m VERY proud of you!! xx

19 05 2010
Liske van Lill

(6) It’s from THE SWORD IN THE STONE 🙂

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