Friday already?!

21 05 2010

I simply cannot believe that Friday is upon us yet again – where did this week go to?

I suppose I had a pretty all right week, considering that I’m still recuperating after surgery last week. I just wish that I would stop being bloated; I hate only fitting into two pairs of pants… I tried on my jeans this morning, and their all right, although now they fit a tad too snugly. It actually makes me feel fat (despite the fact that everyone keeps telling me that I am not fat, and I’m not saying I am, either, I’m only saying I feel that way). After all, how would you feel if suddenly your clothes don’t fit you anymore… most of them, all at once? It’s horrible 😦

At least yesterday was a great day. I had arranged earlier in the week to go to my parental home to do some laundry. When I arrived there, I was surprise to find my mum at the door. Turns out she had a bit of a scare after her operation, and the doctor told her to spend the day at home. It’s a good thing I was there, because I was able to keep an eye on her – plus having company when you’re not feeling well helps a lot, too.

I washed a lot of laundry, hung all of it out to dry, did all of my mum’s ironing, and folded up my Significant Other’s clothes. While there, I decided to wash the dishes, and baked a double layer chocolate cake (with caramel in the middle and on top) for my dad’s birthday. The only crappy thing is, he had to work last night, so I only got to see him the afternoon for about an hour before he had to head back out. At least I was able to give him his birthday present… I also made a pretty mean batch of lasagne, so when my Significant Other came to fetch me, the two of us sat down for supper with my mum. After we left, we made a pit-stop at my older sister’s apartment, as my mum sent her and her husband some lasagne for supper along with us. All in all, a pretty busy day. Still, it was lovely to spend some time with my mum, making her lunch (and supper!) and seeing to it that she had everything she needed. There’s nothing more gratifying than doing something for someone you love.

This morning, Smudgy had to go back to the vet for her rabies shot. I wasn’t sure how she would take it, but she seems to be doing pretty well. She was very well behaved, and now she’s taking a little nap on the bed. I’m not sure, however, how she’ll be feeling come next Friday – that’s the day we’re going to have her neutered. I’m already starting to brace myself for her sad kitty-eyes, and only hope that I’ll be able to make her feel better when the time comes, even if it is only by stroking her and saying soothing words.

The weekend doesn’t hold much in store for us, what with it being close to pay day, and finances being (extremely) tight and all. On the other hand, I am looking forward to Sunday, as we’ll be having a belated birthday get together for my dad. Nothing special, just a nice afternoon braai (BBQ) consisting of my mum and dad, my sister and her husband, and of course my Significant Other and me. My younger sister is still at university, busy with exams, and as she is writing on Monday, she’ll need to fit in all the revision she possibly can.

So here I am, sitting in front of my laptop on a Friday morning, already pondering what next week has in store for me… and wondering how long it’ll be before I finish watching all of the South Park seasons (currently busy with season seven, and I only watch during the evening…and perhaps an episode or two during lunchtime).

One thing is for sure, though: if I don’t fit comfortably into my jeans by the end of the week, I’m afraid I just might go slightly mad…




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