Mini Entries

24 05 2010

#1: MEN

I have started to believe that men are somewhat pathetic – little wussies, to be quite frank. Case in point: I own a cat, so I have to clean its litter box. Why? Because the smell makes my Significant Other nauseous. I kid you not. Smudgy threw up yesterday morning, and my S.O. gave it one look before saying: “Dibs on not having to clean that up”. What a gentleman… In today’s society, both men and women in relationships (or single) have jobs, so it would be unfair to suggest that a woman still has to do all of the housework. Sadly, the stereotype is still mostly applicable. My married older sister works in the import-export business, battling with people all day, taking care of orders and bringing work home, yet she is the one who has to clean the apartment, do the laundry, and prepare meals. I may not have a job (yet, although my optimism is dwindling), but I do all the housework. I even take out the garbage and scrub the toilets clean! I’ve also been known to scrub the shower from top to bottom, although my S.O. is mostly responsible for the cleaning thereof. I suppose things will be a bit different once I get a job, but in the interim I don’t mind much. I’m a neat freak who likes to cook, after all… Although I’m still a bit cross about the vomit-cleaning-incident of yesterday.


I’ve been feeling pretty nostalgic regarding sweet treats I used to indulge in as a kiddie. I even have a list of favourites: Wilson toffees; green Fizzers; KitKats; Caramello bears; JellyTots; jelly beans; and Manhattan Dinosaur gummies. Of course, if it were a kiddies party, one would need lollipops to add to the goody bags, as well as mini-Smarties boxes, perhaps even some marshmallows and cupcakes. Do you remember the mini-cones one can buy, the round cup-shaped ones you fill with cake and top off with icing and sprinkles? Man, those were awesome 🙂 That got me thinking: what ever happened to some of our favourites? For the longest time I’ve been missing Rascals – why did they even take it off the market? Everybody I know used to love it, and there is no way that Skittles can even compare to the juicy flavours that Rascals had in every little one of them. There used to be a chocolate bar, Time Out (if I am not mistaken), covered in blue wrapping with red lettering, and a man and dog printed on it in white. There always used to be a little cartoon strip printed on the back. That was also a great treat. The commonplace substitute would probably be a Twix, though I’ll admit I’m not too fond of that… Stores used to sell Tango chippies, prawn flavoured chips in a pinkish prawn coloured packaging with a man and woman dancing on the front – great flavour. Luckily, Woolworths’ prawn chippies come close enough in taste, so I’m quite happy (caution: they are addictive!) But one thing that truly saddens me, is the fact that Fruit Loops are no longer available in stores here. What’s up with that?! Every now and then the cereal companies take a few flavours off the market, only to bring them back later. It’s quite annoying, as this always seem to coincide with my craving for them *sigh*


What with so many people I know getting married within the last six months, my mind has been dwelling quite a bit upon wedding etiquette. I believe it is fine to wear black to a wedding, as black is always very stylish – however, you should not look like you are in mourning or appear to be displeased with the marriage that has taken place. Even if you don’t approve of it, just smile and keep up the facade; it is the couple’s special day, after all, so keep your remarks and thoughts to yourself. Also, don’t wear an inappropriately short dress – it just looks tacky. Even though I now know what the hoity-toity stick-figure-like girl’s name was at my older sister’s wedding, I still refer to her as “the-girl-in-the-inappropriately-short-dress”. The couple really wanted you to be at the wedding, otherwise you wouldn’t have been invited, so the least you can do is to put in some effort and look decent, not like you’re trying to pick up guys or hanging out at a bar/ strip club… Something else I find to be important: during the ceremony, when the bride first walks down the aisle, and everything starts falling into place, whispered comments as well as ‘ooh’-ing and ‘aah’-ing is fine, but if you know you’re a loud person – and also someone who likes to talk – rather keep your mouth shut until you can talk to the bride herself later. Nobody wants to hear your remarks above the introductory music, and nobody certainly wants to listen to your monologue while the marriage officer is busy inducting the couple into holy matrimony. It’s times like these that I would love to just duct tape the offender’s trap shut… and for my wedding, I already know for whose mouth I need that roll of tape – a big, super strong type.




3 responses

24 05 2010

Men are COMPLETE wussies. I cannot agree with that more.

29 05 2010
Melissa Stein

If I had a nickel for every time I came here! Incredible read.

29 05 2010
Liske van Lill

Thank you very much 🙂

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