Things I’d love to do

25 05 2010

Everybody has a list of things they’ve always wanted to do, right? Whether it’s to learn how to water-ski or to visit Loch Ness, that list is there, no matter if it’s on paper or merely in your mind.

Quite some time ago, I started setting up a list of things that my Significant Other and I can do together. Now this list might not be as glamorous as the always-wanted-to list, but at least it gives us more ideas how to spend our time other than going out for coffee (tea for me, of course) or sitting at home watching animated films all the time.

Some things we do on a regular basis, like going to visit our parents every weekend (which, on the list, I specified as having to do at least once a month). He also draws me a bath on a regular basis, adding bubble bath and lighting a candle or two so I can just relax. Other things – most of the list, truth be told – we haven’t gotten round to. So here it is, my little list of what I’d love to do:

* Go to the Zoo

* Pay a visit to the Holocaust museum

* Walk through all the bookstores in Cape Town

* Try various coffee shops (in Cape Town, along the road, here in Durbanville, etc.)

* Take a drive somewhere nice and pack a picnic basket

* Take random pictures as we’re driving along

* Pick strawberries when they’re in season

* Stay at a guesthouse for an entire weekend

* Go on a wine tour

* Have a DVD evening once a month and select a specific genre

* Choose a restaurant to dine at every third month and pick according to theme/ food type

* Go for walks more often/ go on a walking (or hiking) route

* Go to Ceres to pick cherries

* Have breakfast at Rhodes Memorial, or high tea at the Mount Nelson

* Take a leisurely boat ride

* Learn how to dance properly

* Do something extremely special for one another once a month

* Visit various museums

* Take a trip to an art gallery

* Wander through beautiful gardens

* Go ice-skating [I haven’t done if for fourteen years! Last time was in 1996]

* Pay entry fee and walk about the castle in Cape Town

* Watch a theatre piece or ballet performance

* Build puzzles together more often

* Visit Butterfly World

And, last but most definitely not the least: take a trip to Scotland (our honeymoon, hopefully) and visit all the castles. A girl can dream, can’t she? A girl can dream…

What? I'm helping...




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25 05 2010
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25 05 2010

That’s quite a list. You are very ambitious. Sounds like a lovely time and plenty of wonderfful memories to be made. And, is that a Harry Potter puzzle? Love it!!!

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