I *heart* HIMYM

26 05 2010

I can’t state it any clearer than that. I simply love the television series HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER. I have yet to watch the fifth season, but what I’ve seen thus far is phenomenal. They say HIMYM is the new generation’s FRIENDS… and although FRIENDS was pretty cool, at some stage, I believe HIMYM is far better.

But let’s not get into a debate. The reason I’m blogging about HIMYM is because, while he still lived here with us, my Significant Other’s brother pointed out that the two of us – my S.O. and I, of course – are a lot like Lily Aldrin (aka Lilypad) and Marshall Erikson (aka Marshmallow)… all this because he became single and fancied himself to be Ted Mosby, which I don’t believe to be all that likely, but there you go.

Now, I love Lily and Marshall. They’re a great on-screen couple. Sure, they have their ups and downs, but things always turn out for the better, plus what would a television series – or a relationship, for that matter – be without a bit of drama? Luckily, throughout the drama, we’re able to laugh, as well, which makes the series even more enjoyable.

I may not be a kindergarten teacher, yet I believe that I have pointed out before that I am pretty great with kids. I even considered (and still consider, actually) to become a part-time nanny or something of the sort. After all, working with kids is in my genes, since my mum is a teacher. Perhaps I’ve missed my true calling and the publishing industry isn’t actually the right place for me… but let’s not think on that now. Lily’s crazy – I’m crazy. Lily loves clothes and shopping – I can appreciate lovely clothes (although I don’t wear designer labels or have an insane amount of credit card debt). Lily felt compassionate towards the goat and saved its life – I love animals. Lilies are my favourite flowers. Her name starts with an ‘L’, and my name starts with an ‘L’… oh, and you know Marshall’s name starts with an ‘M’? Well, so does my Significant Other’s name!

You might consider my S.O. and me to be a bit of a ‘boring’ couple. We spend most evenings at the apartment, watching television, snuggling together, sometimes even building puzzles and being just plain silly. We even have a kind of ‘couples speak’, where we have private jokes or quotes from different shows we apply according to the given situation. White, yellow and purple were the colours at their wedding – we’re opting for white and yellow. Only now am I starting to see the similarities, as I haven’t really thought about it before, merely taking my S.O.’s brother’s comment as a joke since we all like watching HIMYM.

Lily and Marshall went to Scotland for their honeymoon… and as I have always wanted to go there to see all the castles – though Marshall wanted to see the Loch Ness monster (who he refers to tenderly as ‘Nessie’) – we are genuinely hoping to go to Scotland for our honeymoon. For some wedding pictures and videos from the series, click on this link to view the website the creators made for the on-screen couple. It’s gorgeous.

One thing I am hoping for, since I’m supposed to be Lily, is that I look as lovely as she did in her wedding dress (not that I have a body like hers…) This is what Lily looked like in her wedding dress:

When I went to look at wedding dresses last November, I tried one on that is sort of similar to Lily’s, what with the bow it has and all:

Even though the dress was quite lovely, it wasn’t truly ‘me’. I tried about five different dresses, yet decided to stick with my first choice… which I am not going to show here, since that would pretty much spoil things. You’re not supposed to see the bride all dolled-up in her wedding dress until the special day arrives, after all. But I can tell you that it is a simple, elegant strapless satin A-line gown (“with side-draped bodice and asymmetric skirt”, according to the magazine inset I saw the dress in).

I’m trying to think of other parallels between Lilypad & Marshmallow and my S.O. & me, yet at the moment I cannot really think of anything, except the fact that both the on-screen couple as well as us real-live sweethearts truly love one another – in sickness and in health, for as long as all of us shall live 🙂




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