Where’s my team spirit?

28 05 2010

I must be one of the few South Africans who don’t get it, because all around me, I see people completely amped for tomorrow’s Super14 Rugby final, and becoming absolutely stoked for the FIFA (soccer) World Cup starting on the 11th of June. Is there something wrong with me?

I’ve never been much of a sports lover. In primary school, I played a bit of tennis and netball, but that didn’t last very long. I have watched a few rugby games, although I’ll openly admit that I don’t really enjoy the sport. There’s nothing wrong with loving the game and having a good time while watching it, yet it’s the diehard super devoted don’t-you-mess-with-my-team fans that truly scare and confuse me. Banner waving, beer guzzling, verbal disputes about whose team is better splattered like sacrificial blood all over Facebook… it’s just bizarre. I don’t care if you’re a Blue Bull or a Stormer, and I don’t particularly care if you think the other teams are lame and that your team are quite godlike to you – almost as mythical, powerful and revered as the many great Greek deities (i.e. gods and goddesses) of old – just don’t force me to be a part of it. I’d rather read a book. Or take a bath. Or clean the entire apartment from top to bottom. That’s how interesting I find rugby.

Percy Montgomery was (is?) a great player, though. And not because everybody says girls just think he’s hot. I carry no knowledge of this supposed ‘hotness’, and hotness in a guy has never been appealing to me. Of course, looks are important to a certain extent, but you won’t find me drooling over well-muscled and toned, half-naked, teeny-tiny underwear or Speedo clad men in calendars or select e-mails one’s gal pals distribute. I’m just not into it.

Cricket I can still watch, if the need ever arises. I used to love watching one-day cricket matches with my dad when I was younger, and I believe that back then, cricket was worth watching. Nowadays, it’s simply… I don’t know… different. I suppose that sounds pretty lame, huh? I don’t know how else to put it. Sure, changes occur as time elapses, and there are certain economics that apply to and develop with a sport, and that’s cool. Yet cricket has lost the ‘charm’ it once held for me when I was thirteen years old. Ten years have passed, after all. Blame my love of reading and studying for causing my disinterest in the wacko world of sports. Or blame my mild-child mentality, if you will. It always helps to have that as a fallback excuse (for ‘excuse’, read/ understand ‘scapegoat’).

I also preferred watching soccer when I was younger – especially Portugal, which constituted my favourite team during those years of innocent youth. I think I actually watched quite a bit of the 2002 FIFA World Cup, and while I don’t recall watching any other of the World Cup games prior to that year’s tournament, I found it rather annoying how some teams would fake their injuries and just roll around clutching their knees in pain. That’s not tactic, boys, that’s only immature whining… like a little kid throwing a tantrum, or a diva wanting to get her way. It was then that I decided not to watch soccer anymore.

This epic year for South Africa – which seems epic to everybody except me – rings in the 19th FIFA World Cup tournament. The first game was played in 1930, and since the beginning, three teams have proven to be the best of the best, giving their records: Brazil, Italy, and (West) Germany. Brazil have won five times, been the runners-up twice, gained third place twice, and came in fourth place once. That means that out of the thus far eighteen tournaments played, Brazil have been amongst the top four competitors ten times!! No wonder a lot of people are putting their money (literally and figuratively) on Brazil to come out on top this year. Italy has four wins, two runners-up positions, one third place and one fourth place standing, placing them under the top four competitors eight times. Germany has been one of the top four competitors eleven times (yes, you read correctly) – they have won three times, been runners-up four times, placed third three times, and gained fourth place once. Even though I’m not really into soccer, I would love to see two of these top three countries come head-to-head during the finals.

With all this commotion and excitement going on, I am sincerely worried about the state of my team spirit-ness (hey, you get happiness and sadness, so I figured I’d add a ‘ness’ on the back for fun – after all, the question isn’t why, but rather ‘why not?’) Will I become more eager once the games begin, or will my indifferent spirits be raised to greater heights once the semi-finals begin? Or… worst-case scenario… will I plainly continue to fill in my position as Little Miss Apathy up until the very end? I hope not.

Otherwise it’s going to be a very l-o-o-o-n-g World Cup month ahead…




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29 05 2010
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1 06 2010

My team spirit is linked to being single. I will be very hospitable to the foreigners when they arrive, and it has nothing to do with being a team player 😉

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