It’s a girl thing

2 06 2010

I don’t really get to spend time with my younger sister, what with her being at university most of the time… and when she is home, she usually has plans to do something else, otherwise she sleeps half of the day away, so there’s no use trying to do the ‘sisterly thing’ then.

I actually made an arrangement to spend time with her last Thursday, only to be thwarted by a male friend who came over and stayed there, so my Significant Other came to pick me up at lunch time. This week, however, I made it my personal mission not to let anything get in my way, and made pretty sure she knew (over the weekend, already) that she was spending Tuesday (i.e. yesterday) with me. Boy, did the day start as I expected…

My sister isn’t very good at getting up in the morning. I called her on my parents’ home telephone line about seven times, and tried her cell phone four or five times. After my final attempt, she phoned me back immediately, half asleep, and I told her she had to shake her tail feathers since we were on our way to pick her up. By then it was 5 minutes to 9, which we give her approximately 15 minutes to get dressed and the whole shebang. Still, it’s not as simple as it sounds. Sure, it doesn’t take long to get dressed, but my sister makes it take long… plus we had to take her back to Stellenbosch last night, which means she had to pack an overnight bag, as well.

Needless to say we had to wait about 10 minutes for her to finish up. My Significant Other dropped us off at the mall, then went on his merry way to get back to the apartment in order to start working at ten-o’clock (which doesn’t make it such a merry way, probably, as he had to work).

Now, I am not such a big ‘fan’ when it comes to shopping centres. Usually I like to go in, do what I set out to do, perhaps have a cup of tea, then skedaddle right back out of there. Of course, when you’re with family, it becomes an exception for ‘liking’ the mall. I mean, who else will wander about aimlessly from store to store with you, browsing the sales rack idly, making remarks about this and that, talking about magazines and looking at jewellery for the longest time other than someone of the female persuasion? I suppose it’s just a girl thing.

Not that I (a) take long to get ready or (b) need to shop ‘til I drop like most girls seem to need to do. I see it like this: if I need something and I find it for an affordable price, then I’ll buy it. I don’t particularly like to splurge out on something, but every once and a while it’s okay. I needed a new warm top for winter, so I bought one at Mr Price for a reasonable price… I also bought a potato masher for a ridiculous price at Boardmans, only to find that it cost a fourth of the price at Clicks! Other than that, I don’t have any complaints about our morning at the mall. I felt sick, though, and had to dash to the bathroom three times, but after that I was all right. I treated my sister to breakfast at the Wimpy, and she in turn bought us some Marcel’s Frozen Yoghurt just before my Significant Other came to pick us up at lunch time.

I’ll admit that, for once, I went completely ‘overboard’ in a totally chick way… and spent between half an hour and three-quarters of an hour in a jewellery shop! Yes, it most definitely is a chick thing. You see, my younger sister simply adores jewellery – she has an entire case (which one would use for tools or as a first-aid kit) filled to the top with stuff. Since we had time to spare, we moved through the store very slowly, commenting on most things, and trying a lot of the other stuff on. My heart was completely set on a long golden necklace with a big round ‘chunk’ at the bottom. Aforementioned ‘chunk’ had a little knob on the top, and when you clicked it in, it would open to reveal a watch! It’s like a pocket watch… but for around your neck! How awesome it that?! It made me think of ALICE IN WONDERLAND… but after purchasing the ridiculously overprices masher at Boardmans, I had to forget about the necklace – for a while, at least. I’ll probably go back and buy it over the weekend.

After the mini-shopping spree, returning with a top each, the People magazine for her and the Women’s Health for me, as well as fathers’ day cards, my sister and I plopped down in front of the television to watch some films. While my sister watched SCOOBY ABRACADABRA DOO, I busied myself with peeling the potatoes and slicing the carrots for supper. I sat down to watch CHILL OUT SCOOBY-DOO with her, only getting up to make her some soup for lunch. As a good hostess, I also provided her with popcorn, Tennis biscuits, and tea. While I prepared supper – chicken pies, mashed potatoes and sweet carrots – I had my sister watch THE GREAT MOUSE DETECTIVE. Supper was rounded off with orange flavoured jelly that I had made the previous day, and when we left the apartment to take her back to her university residence, I supplied her with magazines, a warm blanket, and some snacks to keep her occupied during the evening.

The whole day made me feel like a ‘mommy’ of sorts. Sure, I felt like a sister and best friend, too, what with all our ‘girly’ activities, yet there is nothing more feel good worthy than caring for someone else. I’m sure that my maternal instincts aren’t merely a part of my family genes – it’s part of my greater genes: it’s simply just a girl thing.




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2 06 2010
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2 06 2010

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12 06 2010

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