Scattered Brainings VI

3 06 2010

* I have finished watching all 13 seasons of SOUTH PARK my Significant Other has. Guess I’ll have to start watching HIMYM season 5 now.

* Why are breakup songs (or sad songs) the best ones around? Maybe it’s the emotion in them.

* Tomorrow marks an ‘important’ day for me, as I’ve been shortlisted to go for an interview – for a six month long internship at some or other publishing house… so why am I not excited?

* Two words: Justin Bieber. I don’t know what all the fuss is. I’ve heart his song BABY twice now, the second time having seen it coincidentally on the television (I say ‘coincidentally’ as I never watch television and merely turned it on in order to watch a cassette). Yes, I know he looks baby-faced, and he’s so young, and how can people like him, and blah blah blah… to be honest, I quite like the song, although I didn’t care much for the music video. If his face looked a little more ‘mature’ or ‘developed’, he would be a younger Zac Efron*, and I’m sure then nobody would complain about whatever they’re complaining about. [* I don’t care much for him, either.]

* I hope there aren’t going to be any more HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL movies, although I am – despondently – sure that there will be. Maybe I just don’t ‘get it’, but I really don’t like those movies. I tried to watch a stretch of it with my younger sister, yet I couldn’t keep it up for long. I like one or two of the songs, I’ll admit that, but that’s about it. So glad South Park ripped on it in one of their episodes 🙂

* “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity and I’m not sure about the former” – Albert Einstein.

* If you have a twitter account, check this out: It’s pretty awesome; just make sure you have your speakers turned on.

* I think if Kenny (from South Park) actually took his hood off and showed his face, the girls would have voted him the cutest guy in class. Of course, the first list was rigged. Want to have a look at the real list?

* Why is it that when I’m making lasagne for someone else, it turns out to be perfect, yet when I made a batch for just my Significant Other (okay, and myself, I suppose) last night, it was a bit too saucy? *sigh* At least it still tasted fine.

* Funerals depress me. Two of my (university) female friends’ mothers passed away last year, as well as a male friend of mine’s mother. I was invited to two (by my female friends), yet could only make it to one… and I cried substantially. Today I’m feeling a bit under the weather, so I didn’t attend the funeral of my sister’s recently deceased father-in-law. It’s probably a good thing, too.

* Now that my bubble bath resources have been depleted, I find it odd to get into a foam-free tub. I’ll have to make work of this problem soon.

* I have taken 3050 photos of Smudgy with my cell phone. Talk about overkill.

* First it was the kitchen sink, now it’s the toilet – my cat is absolutely fascinated by it. It’s impossible for me to go to the bathroom without Smudgy following me to have a look. She also has a tendency to try and destroy our second laundry basket, tipping it over and climbing inside only to want to attack it.

"Where's the water?"

"Ah, much better"

"I'm here to inspect this odd contraption"

"Fascinating... but how does it work? And where does the water go?"

"Curiosity killed the cat, you say? Well, I'll kill the basket first!"

"Would you punish this cute little face?"

"It's MY purrrrrrecious..."




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