I’ll Admit (Part II)

4 06 2010

I’ll admit:

* Going for an interview must be one of the weirdest experiences ever. I mean, you’re basically busy selling yourself and your (positive) qualities to these people in hopes of being employed. It’s almost like being a hooker… except you don’t get paid to do it.

* I am incredibly excited that Charly’s Bakery will now be open on Saturdays from 8:30 AM until 3 PM. However, it probably won’t be worth going to tomorrow, as it’ll be their first open Saturday, and many people will surely come streaming in for their delectable treats… still, the World Cup starts next Friday, so what’ll it be like to go to Charly’s next Saturday? Perhaps I should place my odds on tomorrow – then it’ll be over and done with, and my craving (hopefully) satisfied.

* Today’s interview for the internship didn’t go bad. In fact, I believe it went rather well. It seems like I gave great responses, and the two ladies who conversed with me (as well as questioning me, of course) seemed quite pleased and impressed with me. Still not sure how I feel about an internship, but it’s a wonderful opportunity, and definitely better than having nothing to show for this year on my CV.

* I’m actually ‘sad’ that I have finished watching the first 13 seasons of SOUTH PARK. They’re only halfway through the 14th season overseas, which means that I’ll have to wait a while before I can watch it… on the plus side, it’s been long overdue for me to watch the 5th season of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, so tonight I’ll simply have to get cosy with a blanket, a cup of tea, and my Significant Other in front of the television.

* Sometimes I wonder how much good this laparoscopy has done for me. Naturally I am happy that the endometriosis has been removed, yet other than that I don’t feel different in any way. I still have awful cramps and spasmodic pains; my headaches are as bad as ever; the wounds haven’t healed properly yet, causing quite an amount of discomfort and pain; and to top it all off, my jeans still don’t fit. Talk about feeling completely paranoid about your weight…

* It actually puzzles me when my cat is being ‘nice’ to me. Yesterday morning she was playful and naughty, and even bit me before scurrying off. But afterwards, she was, as the saying goes, as docile as a kitten. She came to sit with me while I was in the bathroom; rubbed against my legs for some affection; purred profusely while allowing me to rub and scratch her belly (she usually claws and bites me when I try to); and even came to lie on my lap yesterday, nearly falling asleep yet seemingly unsure of whether she was allowed to or not… Today, however, she’s back to normal.

* I might be a bit too obsessive about taking pictures of Smudgy with my cell phone. I have a sum total of 3 050 already, and I’ve only owned her for four months now. At least I’m able to see how much she’s grown up until now.

* I am a bit clumsy at times. Okay, maybe that’s an understatement, and maybe I shouldn’t call what I’m like clumsy, but it tends to feel that way. I walk into/ bump into/ trip over/ nearly knock over/ burn (or injure) myself with something almost every day. In SCOOBY-DOO, they sometimes refer to Daphne as “Danger Prone Daphne”… I guess we’re all a little danger prone, although not as habitually as I am.

* The urge to tell someone I-told-you-so becomes overwhelming at times, yet it is something I (a) don’t like to do, and (b) almost never do. Furthermore, it (c) really doesn’t help in certain situations/circumstances, and (d) seems pretty mean, since you definitely don’t like it when someone says it to you. I’ve known for quite some time about one I-told-you-so moment, but I’ll never ever say it to this individual. It’ll hurt too much, plus the individual has known it’s the truth right from the start… which makes it even worse…

* I’m tempted to watch Portugal’s first game (15 June at 4 PM) during the World Cup, for old times’ sake. Curiosity killed the cat, but luckily I’ll be safe from this comfortable distance (i.e. being at home as opposed to at a stadium).




One response

7 06 2010

It seems both you and Seamus have a dislike for interviews… Understandably so. Yes, it is like prostitution. I always joked that I would make an awesome prostitute, and if my last interview is anything to go by…
I hope you get good news from the internship people! And enjoy series while you can 😉

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