Annie and Addy

7 06 2010

I was hoping to watch the fifth season of HIMYM last weekend, having finished the first thirteen seasons of SOUTH PARK and finding myself without funny series paddle. Instead, I watched IT and ROSE RED.

Was I ever in for a great surprise…

ROSE RED, written for television and consisting out of three episodes of an hour and a half each, was released on 27 January 2002. That would mean that I was in my second year of high school (9th grade, almost 15 years old) when this wondrous mini-series took up four and a half hours of my life… six hours, actually, if you take into account the ad breaks usually taken by M-NET or whoever is hosting the series for your viewing pleasure.

And was I a bit freaked out when I watched it again, now, eight years later!

It isn’t the story or the effects or anything like that which freaked me out. I loved the plot line; all the actors were suited to their roles (perfectly, I would say); and the whole ‘feel’ created by the characters and effects used within the film was eerie and delightful. No, what freaked me out was the uncanny resemblance between Annie Wheaton and my younger sister, Addy*. [*not her real name, just a sort of nickname.]

I kid you not.

Kimberly Jean Brown, who plays Annie in the mini-series, was born on 16 November 1984. That means that when the mini-series was aired for the first time, she was seventeen years old, going on eighteen. Addy recently turned nineteen. The entire time while watching ROSE RED, it was like my mind was doing flip-flops, as if it really was my sister I was seeing on the screen. It didn’t ‘bother’ me or take the primary spot in my thoughts most of the times, yet every now and then my mind would remind me that there was a resemblance.

This morning, I spent a great deal of time going through all of the photographs I have of Addy on my laptop. Still, I found (much to my dissatisfaction) that I do not really have any pictures to put into my blog to portray the comparison to my readers, which annoyed me quite a bit. In most of the photos from 2008 and 2009 Addy wears her hair across her forehead – hanging in her face, more like it – and the photos are limited to the ‘relevance’ in my life. Of course, my sister is completely relevant to my life and who I am and such, but for a great deal of those two years I was at university, so there are many, many photos on my parents’ computer that I do not have.

And if I cannot find any photos to sate my nagging brain, I’ll simply have to scan some in from our photo-albums in order to show you. I can, however, add a few pictures of Addy here that come close (close enough, rather), as well as a few pictures of Kimberly as Annie in the mini-series.

This is Annie Wheaton...

...and this is my younger sister, Addy.

Just wish I had more appropriate photos 😦

I’ll try to find better ‘proof’ as soon as possible. In the meantime, I’ll try to finish reading Dan Brown’s ANGELS & DEMONS and blog about my thoughts on it afterwards. Have a great day, everybody!

I just hope my younger sister isn’t psychic or telekinetic in some way, otherwise I’ll have to tread very carefully in order to stay clear of her wrath…




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