Well, well, well…

11 06 2010

It’s been quite a week from me.

Worrying about my cat; feeling hopeless about my future (work-wise); absolutely excitement after a popular blog entry on Wednesday; waiting almost an hour and a half while my younger sister was at the doctor; nausea, migraines, general feeling-sick-ness; and, finally, … I suppose I’ll have to mention it sooner or later… the distinct urge to scream at the top of my lungs, wanting to destroy the guilty party, when I hear the sound of a vuvuzela close by.

Proudly South African? We’ll get to that bit…

I believe that there might be something terribly wrong with my genes. First my older sister had to have cysts removed from her ovaries and surrounding areas (twice, if I am not mistaken). Then I had to go in for a check-up, only to find that my ovaries are polycystic, and that I might have endometriosis… which I did, after having to undergo laparoscopic surgery, which a month later has left me feeling awful, depressed, and not being able to fit into my clothes. Thanks for nothing…

Anyway, now it would seem that this ‘genetic flaw’ has come to strike for a third time – with my younger sister. Kind of like coming full circle, in a way. Three out of three. Addy had to go for a sonar yesterday in order to find out what might be the matter with her ovaries and such. After waiting over half an hour, she went in for the sonar, coming out about seven or eight minutes later. Then we had to wait for another half an hour to get her results, and then it was off to the doctor’s office to deliver the results and have a chat about it. Luckily, it doesn’t seem as though anything is wrong with Addy’s ovaries. Her oestrogen levels, however, are very low, which is odd considering all the results came back just fine. The doctor thinks that this might be a mistake, so she’s going to do some blood work later in the month just to make sure. However, she says that she doesn’t rule out the possibility of… wait for it… endometriosis! How bizarre is that?!

I hope for my sister’s sake that she doesn’t have to go for a laparoscopy, since I feel so pretty messed-up afterwards (to put it lightly).

On a different note, the job hunt is looking a bit dire. Stupid English degree… and the worst part of it is, it really is making me quite emotional, so perhaps Ted had a point going about emotions and an English degree. Okay, fair enough, he was talking about relationships and what it’s like when they end, but I feel emotional nonetheless. I told you about that interview I had for a possible internship. Since the internship is supposed to start next Tuesday, they should have let all the candidates know by today at the latest who had been selected and who hadn’t. Then at least my misery would have been over (stressing about it, I mean). Now, however, they have decided that we need to have a second interview, this time with the publishing houses themselves, so I guess it’s back to selling another bit of my soul in the pseudo-prostitution market that is job interviews.

*Big sigh*

It’s not all bad, I imagine. At least then I’ll have something to blog about once it’s over and done with. Plus I just might rant a bit over the non-merits of having not one but two degrees, one of them just so happening to be an English degree – Cum Laude, I never fail to mention – and how my life has been for the past seven and a half months… or perhaps about how it influences the months ahead. I’m open to suggestions.

Now, about the am-I-proudly-South-African bit. Boy, how do I put this…

Sure, in all fairness, I am proud of my country. It might not be the best country in the world, but we’re working on it, so let’s leave that be for now. The FIFA World Cup is a great economic opportunity for our country, not to mention a great time to display our hospitality and infectious spirit. We have beaches, lovely sunsets, Table Mountain, blue skies, wonderful vineyards, scenic roads to travel on (where else will you see so many bovine, other farm animals, grass of different shades and layouts, vineyards galore, and even some flowers while on your way to another part of town or even a area a little along the ways from where you stay?)… Yes, South Africa is beautiful. Beautiful despite the crime, and the poverty, and filthy streets, and pathetic police force, and crappy roads, and and and…

I’ll leave it there for now.

The only things (yes, plural) that annoy the living daylights out of me are all of these bloody vuvuzelas. Every time I hear one, I have this insane urge to scream my head off, find a sharp/ heavy object… and try to find a way to stay out of jail after committing multiple murders. But hey, that’s just me. [Just don’t say I didn’t warn you…]




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17 06 2010
how much should i weigh

hey whats your myspace page.

17 06 2010
Liske van Lill

Sorry, I don’t have a MySpace page. I am on Twitter and Facebook, though.

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